Taiwanese fighters practice taking off on the highway

Taiwan’s fighter jets and early warning aircraft rehearse take-off and landing on the highway in the scenario where the main base is attacked by missiles.

A fighter group consisting of an F-16V, a Mirage 2000 and an IDF and an E-2 early warning aircraft practiced the content of taking off and landing on a highway in the south of Pingtong district of the island of Taiwan today. 9/15. The training session was part of the annual Han Quang defense drill, which took place on September 13-17.

The content of the expressway take-off and landing drills is part of Taiwan’s asymmetric defense strategy, in case the main air bases are attacked and destroyed by enemy missiles.

President Tsai Ing-wen praised the Taiwan Air Self-Defense Force, which is increasingly showing confidence in the island’s air defense capabilities, through “excellent combat skills and realistic and fast action.” quickly come from daily training”.

Taiwan's Air Self-Defense Force F-16V takes off from a makeshift runway on a highway in Pingtung County on September 15.  Photo: CNA.

Taiwan’s Air Self-Defense Force F-16V takes off from a makeshift runway on a highway in Pingtung County on September 15. Photo: CNA.

Taiwan has five makeshift runways all over the island, usually a specially designed stretch of highway that’s flat and straight so that it can quickly turn into an airstrip in the event an air defense base is destroyed. cancel.

Most of Taiwan’s air defense bases are located on the west coast of the island, facing mainland China. They can be attacked by missiles or by air strikes almost immediately after the outbreak of armed conflict.

Two Taiwan air defense bases are located on the east coast with hangars located deep in the mountains, which are more resistant than the bases west of the island.

The Han Guang exercise has been held annually since 1984 in many areas on the island of Taiwan. During the exercise, Taiwan’s self-defense soldiers trained in missile attack response, anti-landing, electronic warfare, cyberattack and biochemical weapons countermeasures.

The exercise was held as the Chinese military increased its activities around Taiwan, including holding many training sessions with advanced equipment and sending military aircraft close to the island. China has always considered Taiwan as a province awaiting reunification and declared its readiness to use force if necessary.

Taiwan’s air defense over the past time has almost sent out fighter jets every day to deal with Chinese military aircraft approaching the island’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ). Experts say that the Chinese military’s flight of aircraft close to Taiwan simulates the campaign to capture the island.

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