Taiwanese legislators scuffle

Taiwanese media reported that KMT congresswoman Chen Yu-chen wore gloves, stood on a table and wrestled with DPP members at the legislative headquarters. She also tried to grab the head of the legislature, Su Tseng-chang, but was stopped.

The woman arrived at the legislature at 7 a.m. with her hair dyed purple, wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans, and black gloves.

Taiwanese lawmakers violently clashed - Photo 1.

Ms. Chen has purple dyed hair, wears a white t-shirt, blue jeans and black gloves. Photo: CNA

Taiwanese lawmakers violently clashed - Photo 2.

Congressman Chiu Yi-ying (yellow shirt) stopped Ms. Chen. Photo: CNA

When Mr. Su was about to speak at 9 am on September 28 (local time), KMT members wearing white T-shirts gathered and loudly declared: “Taiwan needs a vaccine”.

They also demanded that Mr. Su apologize and resign for allowing cargo pilots to shorten the quarantine period to 3 days in April, which led to the Covid-19 outbreak from May 11.

The DPP MPs surrounded Mr. Su, forming a shield to help him get to the podium. However, the fight quickly broke out and turned violent. At one point, Mr. Su was pushed off the podium. Even so, the official continued his speech but spoke briefly and had to fend off hands that tried to slap him in the face.

Taiwanese legislators violently clashed - Photo 3.

Ms. Chen tried to rush towards Mr. Su but was stopped. Photo: CNA

Mr. Su’s speech was brief and read: “Taiwan is safe. Society is still stable. Everyone is safe. Taiwan’s sustainable economic achievement is due to everyone. Thanks everyone”.

When Mr. Su tried to get to the podium, Ms. Chen rushed forward but was stopped by congresswoman Chiu Yi-ying. The two struggled until Mr. Su came to the podium to speak. Ms. Chen tried to rush forward two more times but failed.

Taiwanese lawmakers violently clashed - Photo 4.

Ms. Chen stands on the table at the legislature. Photo: CNA

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