Taliban execute sniper who helped British army

An Afghan sniper who used to work with British forces was hunted down by the Taliban and executed in front of his family.

The victim, a father of five identified as “N”, is believed to have been executed on September 13. He was one of hundreds of allies left behind by the West during last month’s chaotic evacuation.

“He had to go into hiding because of the threat he faced,” former British colonel Ash Alexander-Cooper, a former senior adviser to the Afghan Interior Ministry, told AFP. Times of London. “But they found him and shot him several times. He was executed in front of his family.”

An Afghan sniper was executed by the Taliban on September 13 in this photo shared by former British colonel Ash Alexander-Cooper.  Photo: Twitter/Ash Alexander-Cooper.

Sniper “N” in the photo shared by former British colonel Ash Alexander-Cooper. Photo: Twitter/Ash Alexander-Cooper.

Alexander-Cooper has been to Afghanistan 8 times, including at least once with “N”.

The executed sniper was part of Afghanistan’s “very effective” elite, known as the CF333, which was advised by the British military. “N” tried to evacuate Afghanistan after the Taliban took control out of fear of being targeted, but he did not leave before the US and British withdrawals were complete.

“It is entirely predictable that this will happen to all those left uninstructed,” Alexander-Cooper said, adding that the execution showed the Taliban’s declaration of amnesty for those who had resisted. group is just “imaginary”.

Times of London An interpreter who had worked with the British military was also not evacuated and was kidnapped and severely beaten by a team of 25 Taliban soldiers.

This person has been identified as Sharif Karimi, 31 years old, married and has 4 children. He said he was held for four days in a small cell with almost no oxygen. He was eventually released thanks to the intervention of local elders and his family managed to pay the $21,500 ransom.

The British Ministry of Defense said that the national armed forces “were able to evacuate more than 15,000 people from Kabul”.

“Unfortunately we are unable to evacuate everyone within the limited time,” the department said, stressing that its commitment to Afghanistan and those who have supported the British mission there will endure. at long term. “We will continue to work with our international partners to ensure they have a safe way out of Afghanistan.”

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