Taliban killed dozens of civilians at Panjshir . fortress

The BBC, citing local sources, said that among the 20 civilians, one man was a shop owner and father of two children in the Panjshir valley. He was determined not to flee when the Taliban movement entered the valley.

According to the source, the man told the Taliban fighters that he was just a poor shopkeeper who had nothing to do with the war in the Panjshir valley. However, he was accused of selling SIM cards to members of the protest faction, so he was killed.

The Taliban killed dozens of civilians at Panjshir fortress - Photo 1.

Fighters of the Taliban movement. Photo: Reuters

A 14-second (unverified) video allegedly taken in the Panjshir valley shows armed men pushing a group of people into a container. On the social network Facebook also spread information “270 young Panjshir was stuffed into a container, then set on fire underneath”.

Panjshir – located in Afghanistan’s eponymous province – is the last bastion against the Taliban. This is where the National Resistance Front (NRF) protesters led by leader Ahmad Massoud entrenched after the Taliban took control of the capital Kabul on August 15.

Panjshir is a longstanding anti-Taliban stronghold that challenged Taliban rule in the 1990s. The valley has rugged rocky terrain and narrow entrances, making it a solid fortress.

Although the Taliban have pledged “zero retaliation” since the US and its allies pulled out of Afghanistan last month, numerous reports suggest killings by the Taliban are targeted at specific targets. As they entered the Panjshir valley, a spokesman for the Taliban declared the movement would “protect the people and their families”.

Earlier, Taliban insiders confirmed to Reuters that they had “captured the Panjshir valley” but denied by the rebels. In early September, a video showed Taliban fighters entering the house of the governor of Panjshir province and raising the flag of victory. Meanwhile, NRF leader Massoud continued to call for a nationwide uprising.

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