Taliban likens naked women to ‘animals’

AfghanistanThe Taliban’s religious police posted posters throughout the city of Kandahar, saying that Muslim women without covering their faces were “trying to look like animals”.

The Ministry of Ethical Propaganda and Prevention, the agency that enforces Islamic law according to the strict interpretation of the Taliban, this week hung posters across the streets of Kandahar, southern Afghanistan, showing images of a burqa, a type of shirt. A long robe that covers a woman’s body from head to toe.

“Muslim women without headscarves are trying to look like animals,” reads posters posted in cafes, shops and billboards in Kandahar, the real power center. economy of the Taliban.

Wearing short, tight and see-through clothing also goes against the government’s decree, the posters said.

Since coming to power last August, the Taliban have imposed strict restrictions on women. In May, the Taliban passed a decree saying women should stay at home. They are also ordered to cover their faces in public.

Afghan women wear a burqa at a food receiving point in Kandahar on April 27.  Photo: AFP.

Afghan women wear a burqa at a food receiving point in Kandahar in April. Photo: AFP.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Ethical Propaganda and Prevention, based in the capital Kabul, would not comment on the posters, but a senior local official confirmed the incident.

“We have posted these posters and for women who do not cover their faces in public, we will notify their families and take steps in accordance with the ordinance,” the official said.

The decree requires the government to warn and even suspend work for male civil servants whose relatives do not comply. Outside the capital, Kabul, the burqa, which was mandatory for women to wear when the Taliban first took power from 1996 to 2000, was common.

The Taliban claims to have changed from their time in power more than 20 years ago. At that time, they forbade women from going to school, going to work or leaving the house without male relatives escorting them.

The Taliban also claim to be giving women rights under Islamic law and Afghan culture. However, recent strict regulations have caused this administration to receive a lot of criticism and skepticism.

The Taliban government in March caused a stir when it banned women from flying unaccompanied by men, and demanded that parks be opened separately for men and women, of which three days were open to women and men only. gender is 4 days. This means that couples and families cannot go to the park together.

The Taliban also broke an earlier pledge to open a secondary school for girls, a move that shocked many Afghans and drew criticism from humanitarian agencies and foreign governments.

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on June 15 criticized the Taliban government for its “institutionalized systematic oppression” of women. “Their situation is very dire,” she said.

Huyen Le (Theo AFP)

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