Taliban requires female university students to wear robes and face coverings

The Taliban requires female university students to wear a robe and cover their face - Photo 1.

Afghan women wear niqab headscarves – Photo: AFP

According to AFP news agency, in a document issued by the Taliban’s education authority, it is stated that only teachers can teach girls. In the absence of a teacher, older teachers with good character will teach instead.

The regulation, issued late on September 4, applies to private colleges and universities. Private schools thrived in Afghanistan after the end of Taliban rule in 2001.

Schoolgirls are not required to wear a burqa – a Muslim woman’s shawl that covers the entire body, with a mesh fabric for the eyes to see through – but the niqab also covers most of the face. except for two eyes.

In recent years, burqas and niqabs have not been seen much on the streets of Kabul. Instead, they appear more often in cities and small towns.

“Universities are required to recruit female teachers for girls on the basis of teaching,” AFP news agency quoted the new Taliban rule as saying, adding that men and women would use separate entrances and exits. separate.

Female students must study separately and finish the class 5 minutes earlier than boys to avoid meeting outside the classroom. After class ended, the girls had to wait until the boys left the building.

“In fact, this is a very difficult plan to implement. We don’t have enough female teachers or classrooms to isolate female students,” said a university professor who asked not to be named. “But the fact that they’re allowing girls to go to school is a positive step forward.”

The Taliban, after taking over Kabul, have pledged to be more comfortable, promising a more “inclusive” government, although women are unlikely to hold senior leadership positions.

In the past 20 years, since the Taliban last took power, the proportion of university students has increased dramatically, especially among female students.

Before the Taliban took control of Kabul last month, Afghan women were able to study with men and attend seminars with male professors.

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