Taliban spokesman: Women should only have children, not join the cabinet

The Taliban spokesman’s interview has been widely shared on social media as some countries, human rights and women’s rights activists cast doubt on the group’s commitments.

The Taliban announced that women cannot serve as ministers, days after it announced the cabinet was made up of all men in the interim government.

“A woman can’t be a minister. It’s like putting a responsibility on their necks that they can’t take on. Women don’t need to be in the cabinet – they should just have children. The protests of Women do not represent all women in Afghanistan,” Hashimi said.

When the interviewer said that “women are half of society”, a Taliban spokesman questioned this definition and stated: “But we do not consider them half”.

Hashimi also said that the street protests by women do not represent Afghan women.

“Afghan women are the ones who give birth to Afghan children and educate them in Islamic ethics.”

In Kabul and several other provinces, women took to the streets to protest to demand to join the cabinet, as well as to demand that their right to study and work be protected. Many of them were brutally attacked by Taliban gunmen, with some videos showing the women bleeding all over their faces and being threatened by Taliban forces with guns.

Shortly after capturing Kabul last month, the Taliban announced women could work but had to “conform with Islamic regulations” and could attend university but classrooms had to be segregated and women Women must wear face coverings. The Taliban were known for their draconian rule when they took power 20 years ago when they carried out barbaric punishments, including public executions and beatings of women who disobeyed the rules. mandatory regulations set forth by this force.

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