Taliban: Women who go to school must sit in separate classes

Taliban: Women who go to school must sit in separate classes - Photo 1.

Women participate in anti-Taliban protests in Kabul on September 7 – Photo: REUTERS

On September 12, the acting minister of Higher Education of the government set up by the Taliban, Abdul Baqi Haqqani, affirmed that this force will build the country from the present and not return to the way it was in power 20 years ago. . Haqqani insists that private teaching for women is in accordance with Islamic Sharia law.

“We have no problem ending the general education system. The people are Muslims and they will accept it,” Haqqani said. According to Reuters news agency, a group of women marched in the city of Kabul on September 11 to support private teaching for girls.

In addition to private classes, female students will also be required to wear hijab headscarves and are taught by female teachers. In some special cases such as shortage of female teachers, female students can study with male teachers or sit in the same class but must have curtains to separate from male students.

However, for many women in Afghanistan, their future is not so bright. In Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second largest city after Kabul, the Guardian newspaper reported that some universities will close many subjects due to the lack of teachers and students.

Zainab, a female science student, says she doesn’t know when she will be able to graduate because her school says it’s not economically viable to tutor a few girls separately.

The Taliban have also promised to send girls to primary school, but it is unlikely that local leadership groups will deliver on this promise.

In Kandahar, some women who are allowed to work in the education and healthcare sectors are required to wear face coverings, while others are told to stay at home for “security” reasons. Workers are also extremely afraid.

For many Afghan women, education and work is not something they can give in to. “Many women have lost men in the conflict, their only option is to go to work. It is also acceptable if they won’t let us have a picnic. But let us work, because otherwise it’s okay. So what can we do to raise our children?” a woman named Parwana explained.

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