‘Taste adventure’ with Indonesian street food

Taste adventure with Indonesian street food - Photo 1.

Nasi goreng – Indonesian dish similar to fried rice or fried rice in Vietnam

The “champion” of Indonesian street food probably belongs to Nasi goreng – a dish similar to fried rice or fried rice in Vietnam. Fried rice in Indonesia is made with a variety of spices and sauces including tamarind, chili, eggs and shrimp, bringing a spicy and attractive flavor, with a very affordable price (about 30,000 VND/serving). Often sellers also add crispy fried shrimp puffs to serve. If eating this dish for the first time, diners should ask the seller to reduce the seasoning and chili.

2. Fried noodles

Taste adventure with Indonesian street food - Photo 2.

With only 17,000 IDR (about 26,000 VND), customers will have a “warm stomach” lunch with Mie goreng noodles mixed with eggs, beef sausage and many other vegetables. This is a very popular dish in Indonesia that visitors can find in every corner of the street. Eating Miegoreng at popular restaurants will be the standard Indonesian taste. If eating at large restaurants or near the sea, diners will feel a little different because of the fresher seafood flavor.

3. Meatballs

Taste adventure with Indonesian street food - Photo 3.

The pot of Bakso broth is hot and fragrant

This is a dish quite similar to Vietnam’s beef noodle soup, with meatballs made from chicken, beef, fish, or a mixture, you can choose between shrimp noodles or vermicelli to eat with. Adding a bit of hot chili and lemon, accompanied by shallots, boiled eggs and wontons with a rich broth will help “awaken” all the senses of diners. This is one of Indonesia’s most beloved culinary creations. Former US President Barack Obama once shared this is one of his favorite dishes in Indonesia.

4. Necessary tellor

Taste adventure with Indonesian street food - Photo 4.

Kerak telor stalls always attract tourists

When it comes to local Jakarta cuisine, it is impossible not to mention Kerak telor. The main dish is a combination of sticky rice with duck eggs or chicken eggs. These two main ingredients give Kerak telor its omelette-like appearance. After being cooked, the seller will sprinkle salt and pepper, as well as sprinkle a little dried shrimp powder, creating a strange crunch. Finally, the dish is topped with a little spiced shredded coconut.

5. Delicious and nutritious drinks

Taste adventure with Indonesian street food - Photo 5.

A cup of cold pure tangerine juice

After trying the fried and spicy dishes, call the street corner vendor for a glass of Es selendang mayang. This drink is colorful, mixed with cakes made from chickpea flour, drizzled with a little coconut milk, a little sweet syrup and lots of ice to balance the taste.

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