Tension in relations, Chinese ambassador is banned from attending events in the British Parliament

Tension in relations, the Chinese ambassador was banned from attending events at the British Parliament - Photo 1.

Chinese Ambassador to the UK Zheng Zeguang (leftmost) and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He were present in Washington, US in 2019 – Photo: AFP

On September 15, China’s ambassador to the UK, Mr. Zheng Ze Guang, was banned from attending an event in the British Parliament on the grounds that China had previously imposed sanctions on lawmakers. He has spoken out about human rights issues in Xinjiang, according to Reuters news agency.

In March, China imposed sanctions on nine British politicians, lawyers and academics for spreading information that Beijing said were “lies and misinformation” about the treatment of Chinese citizens. Uighurs in Xinjiang.

Ambassador Trinh Trach Quang is expected to speak at a summer reception at the British House of Commons on September 15. However, the event was canceled after Mr Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons, and Mr John McFall, the chairman of the British Senate, said Mr Trinh could not have set foot in the event if sanctions were not lifted.

“I regularly hold meetings with ambassadors around the world to establish lasting relationships between countries and parliamentarians.

However, I do not feel it is appropriate for the Chinese ambassador to attend the meeting in the UK House of Commons and in our workplace, given his country’s sanctions on some of our members. “.

In response, a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in the UK criticized the move. This person said that Beijing “will never accept any attempt to undermine China’s core interests”, Hoyle said.

“The despicable and cowardly actions of some individuals in the British Parliament to obstruct the normal exchange and cooperation between China and the UK just for personal political gain is against the wishes. and harmful to the interests of the people of both countries,” the embassy said in a statement.

Speaker of the British House of Commons Lindsay Hoyle said that he did not ban Chinese ambassador Zheng Zeguang forever, but only while Beijing’s sanctions remained in place.

Tim Loughton, a British Conservative MP targeted by the sanctions, welcomed the decision to ban the Chinese ambassador. He said China should not think that “they can block the freedom of speech of parliamentarians in a democracy”.


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