Tesla cars run out of electricity in the middle of the road, car owners … buy gasoline to continue running

The initiative of a Tesla car owner because he does not want to wait for the car to recharge for too long

A Tesla electric car owner recently made the online community feverish with a strange invention to not have to wait for the car to recharge when it ran out of energy along the way.

Specifically, a passerby curiously saw a Tesla car owner buying gasoline to “recharge” his electric car curiously asked this person and received an interesting answer.

When asked what gasoline is used for, the owner opened the trunk to reveal a Honda generator behind. This is the person’s backup plan in case his car does not make it to the nearest charging station.

In the second video, the owner of the car also shared that he bought enough gasoline to help the generator operate until the car went to the next gas station, not counting the location of the charging station.

This mindset of a gasoline car owner made many people commenting in a total of more than 1.2 million views of two videos wondering why Tesla owners would choose to buy this type of vehicle.

Tesla car owners explain the reason for choosing creative “option B”

In fact, Tesla in the US was chosen by a group of customers not because of the advantages of electric cars but purely because of the visual factor. Tesla was once a technology icon of the American car village, with an image no different from Apple today, so it is not surprising that there are some gasoline car customers who use electric cars like in the video.

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