Tesla finally lets car owners use a different charging station

Tesla finally let car owners use a different charging station - Photo 1.

The fact that Tesla and its car owners have free access to the charging system from other parties (similar to the opposite direction) will greatly increase the user’s electric vehicle experience – Photo: Electrek

The above addition has probably been expected by many Tesla car owners from the beginning, when the American brand always applies its own charging protocol. Also because of the above factor, the company’s Supercharger charging stations have never been for other car owners.

However, since 2022, the US brand has proved to be much more open. Not only preparing to open the door of Supercharger charging system to users of other car manufacturers, the American brand also provides the popular CCS charging protocol for its own users, thereby synchronizing itself with the rest of the world. gender.

In fact, the CCS charging port has been provided to users by Tesla since 2020 but only tested in only one country, South Korea, until this year this option will be provided to other regions.

Tesla finally let car owners use a different charging station - Photo 2.

The charging port system appears on the official Tesla homepage – Photo: Electrek

Spending $ 250, users will have a CCS charging port according to today’s popular standards, allowing them to plug in a public charger comfortably. This equipment, according to initial observations, is no different from the transfer gate used by Tesla in Korea since 2020, which also makes it difficult for many people to understand why they did not provide this option to customers sooner.

According to available information, the above charging port has a disadvantage that it is not compatible with Tesla vehicles manufactured before October 2020 because of the difference in the central control unit for the charging system. Therefore, the company recommends that car owners contact them in advance to find out if their car can use this type of gate.

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