Tesla loses billions of dollars because battery tools are stuck in China

Tesla lost billions of dollars because battery production tools were stuck in China - Photo 1.

New Tesla factory in Austin, Texas (USA) – Photo: REUTERS

In an interview published on June 22, billionaire Elon Musk said: “Both Tesla factories located in Berlin and Texas are like horrible sounds burning a lot of money.”

The Tesla factory in Texas is currently producing only a small number of cars because it is difficult to speed up production of the 4680 battery (the main component that helps to store and power Tesla’s electric vehicles), when the production tool The exporter of this battery is stuck at a Chinese port, Musk said.

It is not clear which Chinese port the US tech billionaire mentioned is.

Meanwhile, the factory in Berlin is somewhat better, when it is still using 2170 batteries to assemble electric cars. However, this type of battery is not as powerful as the 4680 battery.

The billionaire affirmed that all these problems will be overcome soon, although he admits it will take a lot of work.

Plants in Berlin and Texas are crucial to the growth ambitions of the world’s leading electric vehicle company like Tesla, according to Reuters news agency.

Mr. Elon Musk also shared that the past two years have been a nightmare about the disruption of the global supply chain. Currently, Tesla has not been able to get out of the supply chain disruption crisis.

Tesla’s biggest concern right now is keeping manufacturing plants open to pay workers and avoid bankruptcy, Musk added.

Tesla is having a lot of trouble lately. Most recently, they faced a large-scale lawsuit related to the decision to lay off 500 employees at the Nevada factory (USA).

Earlier this month, Mr. Elon Musk also shared that he is having a bad feeling about the economy.

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