Test run before buying, Ferrari F355 with hundreds of thousands of dollars suddenly caught fire

Excitedly sitting in a Ferrari F355, Tarek Salah could not believe that the joy was short-lived. Below the video, most of the responses showed sympathy and shared with both buyers and sellers – Video: @tarek_307/Instagram – Subtitle: THANH LINH

After flying from Los Angeles, California, USA, to Marseilles, France to test drive the Ferrari F355 he intended to buy, Tarek Salah was very excited. It was an early Ferrari F355 (1994) in silver, with carbon sport seats, very much loved by collectors.

Sadly, when he was sitting in the passenger seat on the highway, the car caught fire and then burst into flames.

He shared that “my dream is to drive an F355 on the streets of France”. At first, it was obviously a great experience. The car seems to be well maintained, the current owner is “a car enthusiast and very careful”.

While it’s not clear exactly what happened in this video, it could be due to a fuel leak. Salah said he smelled gasoline as they drove on the highway, but suggested that might be normal for a supercar that is nearly 30 years old. But a moment later, another driver waved them, warning that the car was smoking.

Ironically, the two were on their way to the mechanic who usually takes care of the seller’s maintenance, to make sure the car was okay. According to Salah, the new fuel pipeline has not been long since the maintenance. That makes the car owner – the seller even more frustrated. “He’s a car guy,” Salah said on YouTube

Fortunately, the two got out of the car in time. As for the unlucky car, it quickly became a pile of scrap metal and had to wait for the rescue team to come and put out the fire. One of the team even asked Salah: “How much is the car?” Salah did not answer specifically, just said this is a great car.

The price of Ferrari F355 depends on each life and version. For example, according to Hot Cars, the Berlinetta coupe version costs about $ 125,000, the GTS version is a bit lower at about $ 105,000, while the Spider is only about $ 80,000. But the purchase cost is often nothing compared to the operating cost.

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