Texas, Louisiana in the US prepare for Hurricane Nicholas on the evening of September 14

Texas, Louisiana in the US prepare to deal with Hurricane Nicholas on the evening of September 14 - Photo 1.

America Milligan, a local resident, tries to take pictures in heavy rain and wind conditions before Hurricane Nicholas makes landfall in Galveston, Texas, USA, September 13, 2021 – Photo: REUTERS

Hurricane Nicholas is about 140km south-southwest of Matagorda, Texas, with winds of about 100km/h and is expected to increase in strength in the afternoon and evening.

According to Reuters news agency, the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana are prepared for this storm. It is expected that storm-affected areas will experience high tides and heavy rains, causing widespread flooding and possibly threatening people’s lives.

“This is going to be a very slow-moving storm across Texas, lasting several days and bringing heavy rain. People need to prepare for flooding,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott warned.

Abbott said he would declare a state of emergency for 17 counties and three cities in the state along the Texas coast. Currently, rescue forces by boat and helicopter are ready to fight.

Heavy rain is forecast to cause more than 40cm of flooding, which could isolate parts of Texas until September 15. Due to the storm’s direction to the northeast, central Louisiana and southern Mississippi will also see heavy rain on September 16.

Hurricane Nicholas is the second storm to make landfall on the Gulf Coast in recent weeks, following Hurricane Ida. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said after more than 20 people died from Hurricane Ida, Louisiana doesn’t want anyone to let their guard down, even though heavy rains are the main problem facing the state.

According to Governor Edwards, drainage systems are still clogged with debris from the aftermath of Hurricane Ida and therefore may not be able to drain enough, causing flooding.

Hurricane Nicholas could also damage the electrical system as there are still more than 119,000 households and businesses in Louisiana that have not been restored to the grid after Hurricane Ida.


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