Thai people love jelly in the shape of pig’s head and roasted duck during Tet

Namjai sweets shop in Bangkok is busy preparing coconut milk jelly in all shapes, from pig’s head to roasted duck, boiled chicken for Tet.

Namjai store in Bangkok this year introduces a 9-piece dessert set for $27, made from coconut milk jelly, simulating all traditional dishes on New Year’s Day.

The unique dish, with the shape of a pig’s head, roasted duck or boiled chicken, attracts customers thanks to its reasonable price, convenience, and no complicated preparation like traditional food.

Jelly dish shaped like pig's head, roasted duck is very popular before Tet

Jelly in the shape of traditional New Year food at Namjai shop in Bangkok. Video: Reuters

“I live alone and often have to buy each item by myself such as pork, chicken, duck. There are so many things to buy that at this time of the epidemic is stressful,” Naree Boonyakiat, a customer buying jelly, said on 28 / 1. first.

She can even take pictures of this fancy dessert and post it online. Thanabodee Phooncharoen, another customer, said the meal had a festive atmosphere, although it tasted “like any coconut milk jelly”.

Thanapach Montraprasit, a co-owner of the store, said it received 400-500 orders this year on the Line mobile messaging app alone.

“I think with the current escalating prices, pork and chicken are very expensive, so people will be interested in the dishes that we introduce,” he said.

The cost of living in Thailand is increasing, and food prices are getting more and more expensive. Thai people often spend money on shopping during Tet, but a recent survey showed that this year’s Tet spending in this country may be the lowest in 11 years, due to the complicated developments of Covid-19.

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