The 20th National Foreign Affairs Conference: Ho Chi Minh City made 3 major recommendations

The 20th National Foreign Affairs Conference: Ho Chi Minh City made 3 major recommendations - Photo 1.

Delegates salute the flag at the 20th National Foreign Affairs Conference on December 13 in Hanoi – Photo: NGUYEN KHANH

The 20th National Foreign Affairs Conference – held directly at the bridgehead in Hanoi and connected online with localities – was attended by leaders of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, leaders of provinces, and about 70 heads of Vietnamese representative offices abroad (ambassador, consul general).

In an online speech, Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Duong Anh Duc said that in the process of implementing foreign affairs in the area, the city noticed a number of difficulties and problems, and mentioned it. in reports to the Central Government.

Therefore, the representative of the city leadership, Mr. Duc made 3 recommendations. The firstThe city wants the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and central ministries to strengthen information, orientation, and support the city in developing promotional strategies with a focus on each locality according to the needs and tastes of each locality. of each location; creating conditions for the city to receive timely updates on foreign policy and relations with other countries, key priority areas in relations with a number of major powers (the US, China, Japan, Korea, etc.) results of high-level visits of Vietnamese leaders abroad and foreign leaders to Vietnam.

Monday, With the desire to have a closer coordination mechanism with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in implementing economic diplomacy, the city proposed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to consider organizing a number of economic diplomatic activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. and the government in Ho Chi Minh City in order to coordinate with the locality, take advantage of external resources for the development of HCMC in association with the development of the southern key economic region, thereby contributing material to the practice of economic diplomacy. of the Central.

In addition, the city hopes that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will support the connection to introduce prestigious leading experts and big investors in developed countries to invest in major projects of the city such as: Future Creative Urban East, Thu Duc City; The project to turn Ho Chi Minh City into the financial center of the region, a smart city…

FinalAccording to Vice President Duong Anh Duc, there are currently no regulations allowing the establishment of an agency/representative office of a foreign locality in a Vietnamese locality and vice versa.

“With the international relations network at the local level of Ho Chi Minh City, there have been a number of foreign localities set up representative offices in Ho Chi Minh City, but due to the lack of relevant regulatory regulations, the documents This room has many difficulties and limitations in performing its functions and tasks.

Therefore, the city hopes that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will coordinate with ministries and sectors to study this issue and give specific instructions in the coming time,” said Mr. Duc.

The locality is the service center of Economic Diplomacy


Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son speaks at the opening of the 20th National Foreign Affairs Conference on the morning of December 13. Photo: NGUYEN KHANH

Previously, in his opening speech at the 20th National Foreign Affairs Conference, Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son said that the 2021-2030 socio-economic development strategy sets out the policy of “building a foreign economy”. economic exchange for development, taking people, localities and businesses as the service centers”.

According to Minister Bui Thanh Son, in order to contribute to bringing this correct policy of the Party to life, it is necessary to have a synchronous and close coordination between foreign agencies, in which the foreign affairs branch is the core, and localities as “service centers”.

The Minister affirmed that the Foreign Affairs sector will make the most of the advantages of the network of Vietnamese representative missions abroad, continue to actively grasp and closely follow the needs and development practices of localities to actively support localities to effectively implement local development strategies, master plans and plans.

“As Uncle Ho once advised, “everything succeeds by the word dong”, local diplomacy can only promote its role well with the support and consensus of all levels of government, departments, agencies, local sectors as well as the direction, guidance, coordination and support of central agencies, in which, the common point here is the same direction towards the sustainable development of the locality, thereby making a positive contribution. actively promote rapid and sustainable development of the country” – Minister Bui Thanh Son stated.


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