The 51-year-old beauty of Le Tu caused a storm

Although she has left the Hong Kong entertainment industry to focus on taking care of her family and business, her every move “Zhao Man” Le Tu always get the attention of the audience.

Recently, during a vacation in Paris, Le Tu shared a series of photos of this trip on his IG. In the series of photos, Le Tu wears a deep slit skirt, a sweet smile full of femininity, younger than her real age. With this series of photos, no one thinks that Le Tu is 51 years old and is the mother of three children.

The 51-year-old beauty of Le Tu caused a storm - Photo 2.

Unexpectedly young Le Tu

The photo Le Tu took in Paris, she looks like the image of Trieu Man decades ago.

Elsewhere, Le Tu posted a new video recording a scene of her enjoying a relaxed period while drinking and enjoying food in Paris. Every minute and every second, Le Tu lets everyone feel the freedom as well as the actress’s Ỷ Heavenly Do Long Ky I could clearly sense how pleased I was from her expression.

The 51-year-old beauty of Le Tu caused a storm - Photo 3.

The black and white evening dress that Le Tu wears helps the actress look aristocratic. Besides, the deep neck design also makes the actress more sexy

With Le Tu’s beauty forgetting time, many netizens left messages and praised Le Tu: “The real goddess”, “The beauty is not inferior to the age of 18”, “Beautiful and noble”, “The most beautiful district of Trieu Man”, “The stars of Miss Hong Kong beauty in the 1990s are so beautiful, the next generation is too disappointed”, “This is actually the best Trieu Man in the versions” , “She looks more beautiful and charismatic than the beauty queen”, “She is so happy to admire. The charm looks unbearable”,…

The 51-year-old beauty of Le Tu caused a storm - Photo 4.

Many viewers were stunned by the new series of photos of Le Tu in France, the actress is beautiful and young compared to the age of 51

In addition to praising Le Tu’s beauty, some netizens noticed the actress Ỷ Heavenly Do Long Ky too thin. They worried about her health and reminded her not to keep fit too much, to eat and rest more.

The 51-year-old beauty of Le Tu caused a storm - Photo 5.

At the age of 51, Le Tu is still “herself a crane with a shell”

During the past years, it can be seen that Le Tu has maintained a good form regardless of appearance and body. She is always in the best shape, even though at the age of 51, Le Tu is still like a young girl who has just entered the entertainment industry. It could even be said that she was mature for her age.

There were almost no traces of years left on her face, but her hands were thinner, the back of her hands was full of blue veins, revealing her real age. But, this doesn’t seem to affect her beauty much.

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