The 7-day restaurant sells 7 different dishes, bringing in a revenue of nearly 20 million / day

Recently in Ho Chi Minh City, many netizens “unearthed” a restaurant with a strange way of selling but the dishes are delicious with extremely affordable prices. The shop is already crowded with regular customers so far, plus this “accidental” that customers stand in both the house and in front of the shop, blocking the way of the alley, the spacious motorbike parking place. always full.

Co Hoang restaurant is also known as “Crab noodle soup shop that only sells 1 day a week”.


Although it is only “famous” in the media, but the shop has been sold for 30 years, go to Ong Ich Khiem street, ask Co Hoang crab cake soup shop or Co Hoang barbecue noodle shop, everyone knows to show people the way to enter. deep alley.

This Co Hoang restaurant makes some diners come to eat many times but still wonder what to call this restaurant. When every day, the owner of the restaurant will sell a different dish, according to the menu hanging on the wall. For a whole week, nothing was the same dish.

“In the beginning, I didn’t have a fixed sale schedule like this, every morning I go around the market, when I see something delicious, I will buy it and cook for lunch to sell it. For example, the day I see fresh crabs, I will sell crab cakes. , the day you see the attractive pork belly, just buy it to cook porridge and sell it. In the past, they sold a dozen dishes/month, one dish a day, but not every day coincides with the same day. What dishes to eat at my restaurant, so I choose to sell those dishes out of the countless dishes I’ve cooked and sold.”

There is such an impromptu wholesale method, but Ms. Hoang still conquers many diners from near and far across the districts thanks to her delicious cooking skills. “The reason why I have a sale schedule now is because I feel so sorry for customers! There are many people even from as far away as District 3 and District 4 who come every day to see if I can sell something they like today, because they don’t know. If I could, what would I sell every day, so I chose 7 fixed dishes sold 7 days a week so that patrons could easily come and eat whatever they wanted to eat according to the cooking schedule.

I don’t have any recipes or family secrets. Just cook like a family at home, seasoning in your own way, not too salty nor too pale, so it suits everyone’s taste. Mainly, I have to sell a quality bowl, the meat must be plentiful, and there must be enough side dishes, so that customers can eat their appetites.”

Ms. Hoang’s shop is open from 1:30 a.m., but customers have been waiting since 1:00 p.m. when she and her brothers and sisters in the house clean up, so they just display and sell from 1 p.m. The dishes she sells include: congee, vermicelli, vermicelli, crab soup, chicken noodle soup, vermicelli with duck bamboo shoots, and vermicelli with grilled meat. On the first days of the lunar month and the full moon, Ms. Hoang did not take a break but changed to selling vegetarian food.

“On those days, I will sell vegetarian dishes such as vegetarian noodles, vegetarian stir-fried vermicelli … every full moon day or the first day, I will sell 2 dishes: 1 dry dish and 1 water dish, not fixed what will be sold. I was inspired that day, so far there is no fixed schedule to sell food for vegetarian days.”

The 7-day restaurant sells 7 different dishes, bringing in a revenue of nearly 20 million / day - Photo 3.

Each dish will cost from 35,000 to 45,000, depending on what she sells that day. But the two most popular dishes are crab cakes and grilled pork vermicelli. When asked why she didn’t choose to sell through one of the two most popular items for shopping, preparing to cook, she said: “Because there is only my restaurant in this alley, I want to sell a variety of dishes so that the neighbors around every day who visit for lunch will not be bored. If I only sell one dish like the usual shops, nothing special (she laughs) Moreover, selling one dish like this every day, new customers can come to my shop regularly. Whoever suits their taste will come back tomorrow, the day after tomorrow to enjoy another dish, But if they sell one item right away, they’ll probably only come back once a month.

Besides, because I’ve been selling for a long time, we all have a familiar relationship, it doesn’t take long to go to the market even though the shop sells in large quantities, just go to the market to see the ingredients and bring home to cook, very quickly.”


Of the 7 dishes that Ms. Hoang sells, the most delicious dish, the most sought-after by customers is the crab cake soup on Thursday. On the day of selling this dish, before it was time to clean the goods, I saw a lot of people standing in front of the house in the sun. all the alley to wait.

Listen to a lot of food reviewers, Tiktokers… go to Co Hoang restaurant at 86/9 Ong Ich Khiem Street, District 11 to eat, Tam shared: “Today is the 3rd time I have come here to decide to buy a full portion of crab cakes. Every Thursday, I watch the time to run to this shop, it takes 20 minutes to go but because the shop is quite “hot”. “So don’t compete with everyone to buy a piece of crab cake with a cup of steamed crab to eat with.”

Hoang’s bowl of crab soup is quite large, many cakes with pork, crab meat and many other toppings, only 35,000. People often ask for more pork rolls to eat with, but the most attractive thing is the bowl of crab cake soup with whole crab. This bowl costs 80,000 VND, compared to the average price, the price is quite cheap, because on average, other shops will sell banh cuon with steamed crab for 100 to 150 thousand VND. The low price is also the main reason besides good taste for Ms. Hoang to attract customers for 30 years.

The crab cakes here are delicious, the broth is sweet, the crab meat is firm and the noodles are soft and not hard. Boiled pork cut into medium slices, neither too thin nor too thick for the broth to soak into the accompanying meat. Bowl of hot cake soup, squeeze a piece of lemon, add a piece of chili to make sure the bowl is empty within 5 minutes.

Uncle Trung – a regular customer of the restaurant shared: “I’ve been eating here for more than 6 years now, almost every 3 meals a week I sit here. Every dish is delicious, but the crab cake soup is the best. The soup is very tasty and rich. .”

We stood at the shop for only about 30 minutes, but customers came and went a lot, more than 50 customers during this time. The owner and the selling aunts must quickly scoop up the soup continuously without keeping customers waiting for a long time. The loud atmosphere of the customer’s voice and the voice of the sales assistant ordering / paying, plus the traffic jams of the traffic in the alley, created an extremely bustling atmosphere.

Although the guests were so crowded that they could not rest their hands to wipe their sweat or drink a glass of water, the owner still happily said: “I’m not the type of person that every time there is a large number of customers or more and more people want to eat, I have to increase the selling price to make more profit. No matter how many or few customers, strange or familiar, I want to keep the price I still sell. Usually on the same day. On Thursdays, when I sell crab cakes, I will sell more than 300 parts a day. On other days, I can sell less, but the number of customers is still the same, not too much difference.”

With such a huge number of sales, the revenue of this small restaurant is about 20 million / day. This is a desirable number for sidewalk eateries located in districts far from the city center.

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