The article describing the phone of an elementary school girl made the online community “crying and laughing”

Every time when it comes to elementary school essays, everyone must smile because they have witnessed many humorous descriptions, many “peeling” phases of laughter. Primary school students always have innocent and innocent thoughts, and are honest when writing about life.

Recently, the online community was once again laughing with an article describing the phone of an elementary school girl.

The text of the assignment is as follows:

“I have a phone, it has a picture of a ‘hieu’, it’s light blue, and it’s 1km long. When no one was at home, I took the phone and called my relatives. I really like the phone. , I will keep it carefully so it won’t be lost. One day my parents went to the market, I was alone at home, I took the phone, I called my parents to make me happy. And I was less afraid, it helped. I have a lot of things, I keep it in my room.”

The article describes the phone of an elementary school girl that makes the online community cry and laugh - Photo 1.

Reading through the article, it can be seen that the student has observed every detail around the phone to describe in the article. From color, length, to use, she described in detail. However, under the innocent eyes of a child, the phone appears extremely “weird” with a length of nearly 1km, with a deer image…

The article after being published has received the attention of netizens. Everyone laughed at the innocence and honesty of the students when describing the phone.

Some notable comments:

“It’s true that children’s brains are so creative. I can’t help but laugh”;

“The phone is 1km long, probably the longest phone in the world”;

“Reading and laughing makes my stomach hurt, the phone also has a picture of a deer, I don’t know if there is any brand in the world with this logo”

“My mother is an elementary school teacher, I can’t help but laugh every time I grade a lesson.”

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