The article introducing school supplies of elementary school students made netizens laugh

Most of the descriptive essays of elementary school students often attract a lot of attention from the online community. Although not as elaborate and beautiful as many other articles, the innocence, innocence and sometimes humor make many users excited.

Recently, another writing exercise of elementary school students has attracted attention on social networks. Accordingly, when asked by the teacher to write a paragraph introducing school supplies, this child described the school bag that made anyone who saw it couldn’t help but laugh.

The article introduces school supplies of primary school students, making netizens laugh - Photo 1.

The text of the assignment is as follows:

“Once, my mother gave me a very beautiful and big school bag, it has a very beautiful light blue color, it has pictures of very “cute” children, and when I went to school, I left my notebooks, pencil cases, rulers, and pencils. When I go to class, everyone looks at my school bag, I will take good care of it. I really love it. I go to school as usual when I study, I get good grades, I’m very happy. and told my mother to get good grades, she was very happy and told me to be good and good.”

Immediately after being published, this article immediately received countless feedbacks from the online community. Most of the users were interested and laughed at the description of the elementary school girl.

“It’s true that elementary school students are full of honest and simple words, but I like their expressions more than flowery words”;

“Reading some elementary school students’ essays is always entertaining, innocent enough to be cute”;

“Die laughing. Just reading your children’s essays makes me laugh.”

Indeed, the somewhat flattering words of this student must make others laugh. However, at their age children should be encouraged to write down what’s on their mind to stimulate creativity. If unfortunately encountering somewhat unreasonable words like this, teachers and parents can gently advise students to self-correct.

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