The best-selling car models in Vietnam in 2021 gradually revealed: Many unexpected throne changes

The best-selling car models in Vietnam in 2021 gradually revealed: Many unexpected throne changes - Photo 1.

Hyundai Accent has the opportunity to surpass Toyota Vios to become the king of B-segment sedan sales in Vietnam – Photo: TC Motor

2021 is considered to be one of the most difficult periods for the Vietnamese auto market when it is affected by the COVID-19 epidemic for many months in a row. Efforts to reduce prices and promotions in many forms, both genuine and from agents, along with Decree 103 of the Government stipulating the 50% reduction in registration fees, partly pulled sales in the last days of the year back to growth.

December sales are about to be announced, then the best-selling positions in the market and in each segment will be revealed. In addition to the familiar names, a number of “change of thrones” are very much awaited.

The whole market and class A cars: VinFast Fadil

In November, VinFast Fadil’s sales were not too impressive when only ranked 3rd in the whole market. However, the Vietnamese model has the highest cumulative sales in 11 months with 22,375 units, far ahead of the second-ranked model, Hyundai Accent, to nearly 5,000 units.

By the end of November, Hyundai’s model achieved sales of more than 17,400 vehicles. With an average sales of more than 1,500 vehicles/month, Accent is almost impossible to fill 5,000 car distance from Fadil. Therefore, the No. 1 position in the whole market in 2021 is almost impossible to slip out of the hands of VinFast Fadil, no matter how well Accent does in the last month of the year.

The best-selling car models in Vietnam in 2021 gradually revealed: Many unexpected throne changes - Photo 2.

If there are no mutations in December, VinFast Fadil will for the first time lead the entire Vietnamese auto market, replacing Toyota Vios of many years – Photo: QUANG DINH

Leading the whole market, the No. 1 position in the A-class car group will also belong to Fadil. The second-ranked model is the Hyundai Grand i10, which sold 10,380 cars after 11 months. The gap of nearly 12,000 vehicles that Fadil created with the Grand i10 certainly cannot be leveled when Hyundai’s model sells less than 1,000 vehicles per month on average.

With the listed price of VND 415-492 million, the highest in the segment, VinFast’s “stacked” incentive programs help Fadil have a more attractive rolling price than competitors. Besides, fully equipped and the most powerful engine in the segment also make this model more attractive to users.

Class B car: Hyundai Accent – Toyota Vios

If the segments have come to an end, the B-class sedan group is still the position between Hyundai Accent and Toyota Vios. By the end of November, Accent achieved cumulative sales of 17,439 vehicles, just over 300 vehicles compared to Vios’ 17,133 vehicles.

This difference can easily be leveled if Accent is weak, or Vios rebounds stronger in the last month of the year thanks to strong promotions. Hyundai Accent is being distributed for 425-540 million VND while the selling price of Vios ranges from 478-638 million VND.

C-class car – Kia K3/Cerato

In November, Kia K3/Cerato achieved sales of 1,105 units, the only model in the segment to reach 1,000 units. Accumulated from the beginning of the year, Kia’s representative achieved sales of 8,945 units, and is almost certainly the leader in the segment, when the second-ranked model is Mazda3 with just over 4,200 vehicles, or less than 400 vehicles/month in 11 years. past month.

The best-selling car models in Vietnam in 2021 gradually revealed: Many unexpected throne changes - Photo 3.

The new Kia K3 still maintains the same attraction as the previous generation – Photo: THACO

As the most attractive model in the segment, Kia Cerato has an upgraded version and changed its name to K3. With a new design and upgraded equipment, keeping the number 1 position in the segment is not too difficult for Cerato/K3.

D-class car – Toyota Camry

The title of the best-selling D-class sedan in 2021 is difficult to escape from the hands of Toyota Camry, when this model achieved cumulative sales of 3,584 vehicles after 11 months, accounting for more than 75% of the market share of the whole segment.

The best-selling car models in Vietnam in 2021 gradually revealed: Many unexpected throne changes - Photo 4.

Although not on the list of best-selling cars in the market, Toyota Camry is an “invincible” model in the D-class sedan group – Photo: Toyota.

With this number, Camry has almost no worries when the remaining representatives in the segment have not sold 1,000 vehicles in the past 11 months. The gap of more than 2,000 cars is almost impossible to fill with models that sell less than 100 cars per month.

Recently, Camry has just been upgraded with many changes in equipment and safety technology, promising to increase its attractiveness to customers during year-end shopping.

Urban SUV: Toyota Corolla Cross – Kia Seltos

After the Fortuner fell out of favor, the Corolla Cross is Toyota’s latest model to take the lead in a group of high-rise vehicles. After more than a year of launch, Corolla Cross was continuously at the top of the segment and topped the whole market in November with sales of 3,346 vehicles.

Thanks to this breakthrough, the cumulative sales of the Corolla Cross reached 13,945 vehicles, 160 vehicles more than rival Kia Seltos. As a result, the segment leading position remains a tense last-minute race between Corolla Cross and Seltos. Just a slight stumble, Corolla Cross will cede the No. 1 position to Seltos.

7-seat SUV: Hyundai Santa Fe

The title of the most popular 7-seater SUV in the market in 2021 will certainly be in the hands of Hyundai Santa Fe. With 1,407 vehicles sold in November, this model is in the top of the best-selling car in the market and of course is at the top of the segment.

Vietnam's best-selling car models in 2021 gradually revealed: Many unexpected throne changes - Photo 5.

Santa Fe is sure to take the lead in the 7-seater SUV segment when it is far ahead of rivals by up to 5,000 cars – Photo: TC Motor

After 11 months, more than 10,082 Santa Fe units have been delivered to customers. The model behind Hyundai Santa Fe is Toyota Fortuner, which only achieved sales of more than 5,000 units after 11 months. It took 11 months for Toyota to sell 5,000 Fortuner units, the gap of 5,000 cars could not be reached in the last month of 2021.

MPV-Mitsubishi Xpander

The MPV segment is not surprising when Mitsubishi Xpander continues to hold the top position with cumulative sales of 11,607 vehicles. Surely this position will be kept until the end of this year because the model behind Xpander, Suzuki XL7, has only sold 4,404 vehicles in the past 11 months.

Since 2 years now, Xpander has become an “invincible” model in the segment, although recently there is a Suzuki XL7 that is not inferior in terms of design and equipment. Mitsubishi Xpander is currently priced from 555 to 670 million VND for 3 versions.

Pickup: Ford Ranger

Similar to Xpander, Ford Ranger is almost unique in the pickup segment. At the end of 11 months, Ranger achieved cumulative sales of 14,461 vehicles, more than 3 times higher than 4,118 vehicles of the lower-ranked model, Toyota Hilux. In addition, Ranger is also regularly featured in the best-selling car group in the whole market.

The best-selling car models in Vietnam in 2021 are gradually revealed: Many unexpected throne changes - Photo 6.

Ford Ranger is still an unbeatable model in the pickup segment – Photo: Ford

The accessible price (from VND 616 million), aggressive appearance with full equipment helps Ranger stand firm over the years. Although Mitsubishi Triton, Toyota Hilux or Mazda BT-50 have been continuously upgraded over the years, it is still difficult to beat the Ranger.


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