The boy burst into tears after listening to the music, his parents know the reason and his stomach is cool

It’s normal for babies to cry. There are many parents who are fed up with the sight of their children crying and coaxing them not to hold back. However, there are moments of tears of children that make parents feel cold in their guts, just can’t bear to see their children cry, but their hearts are filled with happiness.

An internet user shared the story of his son’s “cry” making netizens have the opportunity to be touched by the baby’s affection.

The boy burst into tears after listening to music, his parents knew the reason why his gut was cool - Photo 1.

The mother tries to comfort her crying son without stopping

“This is our 5-year-old son, when my mother listened to the song “My Diary”, he started to cry, then changed the song to meet my mother in a dream, so he cried and hugged his mother, coaxing him forever. After asking for a while, she said ‘I love you’, so I cried. He cried so loudly that his parents laughed a lot. I told my wife that I could give birth to a ‘cool’ son.”

The child in the story is only 5 years old, but when he is given songs about his mother, their meanings seem to touch the sensitive boy’s feelings and make him burst into tears.

The emotional reason behind that reaction was uttered from the boy that made everyone cry when listening, because “I love you mom”. The innocence and affection of the child in a grin makes the couple laugh non-stop and be happy to have a child who understands.

The boy burst into tears after listening to music, his parents knew the reason why his gut was cool - Photo 2.

Even though he was young, he was very understanding

The love between parents and children is one of the most sacred and beautiful feelings, it is indisputable. Although children are young, their thoughts are immature, but clearly, their feelings and emotions are not inferior to adults.

The boy’s lovely reaction has received many likes and hearts of netizens. Some people even add to the joy of touching stories about their children.

“My 4-year-old son watches movies with his mother. Watch and also know the character abandoned by his mother. Every day, I look back and hug and cuddle and ask my mother not to leave me. I love you so much, mom. Oh my god. Love at all. Who would give up?”

“My 3-year-old son is the same, just listening to the song I go to give rice to my mother to plow my mouth.”

“Listening to those songs, I still have tears in my eyes as an adult, huhu”.

“Oh my god, it’s really cool. So cute”.

Source: Nguyen Tien Canh

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