The boy worried that he didn’t have money to sleep at the police station

ChinaEight-year-old Tong Tong, afraid of not having enough money, stayed at a police station in Wuhan while waiting for authorities to contact his parents.

The content of the exchange between the boy Tong Tong and the police is being shared throughout Chinese social networks. The 8-year-old boy called the police hotline of Wuhan city, Hubei province, at 2 a.m. on August 21, after waking up to find that his parents were no longer at home.

When police officer on duty Duong Nghiep Thanh picked up the phone, Dong Dong said he tried calling his parents many times, but no one answered the phone. The boy felt panic, so he decided to call the police and report the home address to Mr. Duong.

“My parents aren’t mad at me, they can’t just leave like that,” Dong Dong cried and analyzed when Mr. Duong came to check on him. “My parents don’t argue because my mother is pregnant.”

Mr. Duong Nghiep Thanh went to Dong Dong's house.  Photo: SCMP

Police officer Duong Nghiep Thanh went to Dong Dong’s house after receiving a call through the hotline. Image: SCMP

After he calmed down, Dong Dong gave Mr. Duong the phone number of his parents, but he could not contact them either. He then suggested that the boy go to the police station to spend the night.

“How much does it cost to sleep there?” Dong Dong asked again. Mr. Duong was surprised at the boy’s concern and quickly replied that he would not have to pay.

The boy agreed to follow Mr. Duong, but before leaving home, he wrote a note to his parents, instructing him to come pick him up at the local police station. Three hours later, the boy’s father called Mr. Duong again, explaining that he had just taken his wife to the hospital because of acute kidney stone pain. Dong Dong was sleeping at the station, so the father waited until 7 o’clock to pick up his son.

Father Dong Dong came to pick up his son on the morning of August 21.  Photo: SCMP

Father Dong Dong came to pick up his son on the morning of August 21. Image: SCMP

The majority of internet users praised the boy Dong Dong’s reaction. “The baby is so understanding! Not seeing his parents immediately reported to the police, and even knew how to ask how much money he had to spend to sleep, understanding the story to the point that it hurt others”, one person commented.

“He’s both smart and cute,” said another. “The boy is more mature than his peers, handling the problem very reasonably.”

Hong Hanh (Theo SCMP)

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