The bride who has only been married for 2 months has accused her father-in-law of raping her, but the police would come to arrest her

In the eyes of people in Kien Duong town, Kien Ho district, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China, a man who has just turned 30 years old like Mr. Ton X (the characters’ names have been changed) if he doesn’t get married soon, will become a widower. So just after having eaten Tet, Mr. Ton’s parents rushed to meet a person named Tu X to ask for help finding the object for their son.

The bride, who has only been married for 2 months, has accused her father-in-law of raping her, but she did not expect the police to come and arrest her daughter-in-law - Photo 1.

Zhang X (centre) was arrested

A few days later, Tu X introduced to Mr. Sun’s family a girl surnamed Zhang in Quannan district, Lianyungang, Jiangsu, China. Ms. Truong shared that she had to leave her hometown to go to Diem Thanh to find a livelihood, because she was so absorbed in her work that she lost her youth. She is 32 years old and still has not been married. In addition, Ms. Truong also expressed her wish to live with Mr. Ton for the rest of her life, but because of “homeland customs”, her uncle Tran X asked the groom’s family to offer 126,000 yuan (equivalent to 126,000 yuan). 444.4 million) and some valuable jewelry.

Seeing that the girl was both beautiful and understanding, Mr. and Mrs. Ton gritted their teeth to prepare a betrothal for their son to get married. Not only that, for the sake of their children’s happiness, they also took Ms. Truong to a jewelry store, where she bought a complete set of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings worth up to 80,000 yuan (equivalent to 282). 2 million dong).

In early February, the young couple took each other to register their marriage. At this point, Mr. Ton was startled to discover that according to the information on the papers, his wife was 36 years old, not 32 as she said. However, the wedding ceremony has been fully prepared, the invitation card has also been sent, now there is no way to go back even if you want to “turn the car around”. So Mr. Ton had to suck on the sweet soap and organize the wedding as planned.

The bride, who has only been married for 2 months, accused her father-in-law of raping her, but unexpectedly the police came to arrest her daughter-in-law - Photo 2.

Mr. Ton thought of marrying his wife to cultivate happiness, but he did not expect his wife to turn into a different person right after marriage. Ms. Truong not only makes excuses to quarrel with her family every day, but also often stays out and doesn’t come home. Since receiving the new bride, the Ton family has not had a day to live peacefully.

In early April, Ms. Truong suddenly went to the police station to report the case, saying that she had been raped by her father-in-law.

During the investigation, Mr. Ton denied the crime and said that it was his daughter-in-law who actively seduced him. Later, the police discovered that Ms. Truong had been through 4 marriages, and none of them lasted long. Is there any hidden love in this?

Investigating more closely, the police found that in her 3 marriages, Ms. Truong always made excuses to demand high-value bridesmaids. In addition, those marriages were brokered by acquaintances from Tu X and were more or less related to Uncle Tran X. The steps of this group of 3 people were carried out in sequence: seeing eyes, discussing. , give a betrothal and get married.

The bride, who has only been married for 2 months, accused her father-in-law of being raped, but the police came to arrest her daughter-in-law - Photo 3.

At the end of August, all three subjects Truong X, Tu X and Tran X were arrested and quickly bowed their heads to confess.

Truong X confessed that from the end of 2013, after her first marriage broke down, she knew “adoptive father” Tran X. Because she had no income, Truong X listened to Tran X’s instigation and arrested him. footstep on the path of deceit.

Outside, Truong X recognized Tran X as his uncle. He will be in charge of finding “prey”, training Truong X what to say, what to do to make an impression in the eyes, after getting married, how to quickly escape. Under the guidance of her “adoptive father”, Truong X married her second, third and fourth husband in turn. The total number of wedding gifts she received was estimated at more than 200,000 yuan (equivalent to 705 million VND). .

In addition, the police also revealed that after getting married, Truong X would find ways to cause trouble and quarrel with her husband’s family to quickly divorce. But then, she realized that if she used this method, she would have to return a large part of the bride price, so Truong X decided to play the role of the victim so that she could take the whole money and leave.

This time, after actively having a relationship with her father-in-law, Truong X began acting in pretend to report to the police. But she did not expect it to be too clumsy, her plan was quickly debunked by the authorities.

Kien Ho police said that many unmarried men in rural China have been deceived by such “sweet traps”. Many bad guys have taken advantage of their haste and ignorance to conduct fraud. The police also give advice to these men, the first thing they should do when deciding on a life-long affair is to carefully check the information, identity and family … of the suspects. The statue is introduced to the eye.

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