The British put a sea of ​​flowers in memory of the Queen

People from across the UK placed thousands of flower bouquets in front of Buckingham Palace in London to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II.

The sea of ​​flowers in memory of Queen Elizabeth II at Green Park next to Buckingham Palace on September 10 became larger than ever, as the stream of people constantly poured here, placing flowers on the lawn and around the stumps.

Thousands of flower bouquets were also placed on the fence of Buckingham Palace. Touching handwritten messages, Paddington teddy bears, balloons and condolence cards were placed among bouquets by the British outside the palace and in the park.

The British put a sea of ​​flowers in memory of the Queen

A sea of ​​flowers in memory of Queen Elizabeth II in Green Park on September 10. Video: London News Journal.

Buckingham Palace on the afternoon of September 8 announced that Queen Elizabeth II passed away peacefully at Balmoral Castle, Scotland, at the age of 96, after more than 7 decades of reigning the country. Many Britons are still in shock at her passing.

“Maybe it’s because I’ve always thought ‘Oh, the Queen will always be there,’ it’s sad that this isn’t true,” said one teary-eyed person speaking in an interview outside Buckingham Palace. “We will miss her so much, wish the Queen could live longer.”

Another woman in the crowd recalled messages given by the Queen amid the Covid-19 pandemic. “The Queen’s words have appeased a nation in a way that nothing else can,” she said.

An emotional woman outside Buckingham Palace, London, England, September 9.  Photo: Reuters.

A woman places flowers outside Buckingham Palace on September 9. Image: Reuters.

“Everyone here shares the same sadness, but at the same time grateful for the Queen’s dedication to her country and people,” one man said outside Buckingham Palace.

At Windsor Castle, west London, and Balmoral in Scotland, people also gathered to pay their respects to the Queen.

“This is a huge shock. The Queen has really been the ‘stone rock’ of the country for a long time,” said Deborah O’Brien, who attended the Queen’s memorial at Balmoral Castle.

“She was a wonderful woman,” said Alice Hendry, 48-year-old textile designer, at Windsor Castle, where a steady stream of people poured in to order flowers. “A few days ago she was still working. It was extraordinary. A shining example when sworn to serve the country for life.”

Queen Elizabeth II's 70 Years

More than 70 years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Video: BBC.

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