The case of the body lying on the roadside in Vinh Phuc: ‘Green Beard Love’ kills people to kill words

At the investigating agency, Duong Van The (34 years old, from Bao Son residential group, Ba Hien town, Binh Xuyen district, Vinh Phuc) testified that when he raped a young girl named P., the victim was victimized. fiercely resist. Fearing that the victim would denounce his depraved behavior, The killed the girl.

The case of the body lying on the roadside in Vinh Phuc: Green-bearded love kills people - Photo 1.

Duong Van The was arrested

After killing the victim, Duong Van The took away a mobile phone, money and some other items.

Previously, on the morning of September 8, people discovered the young girl’s body was decomposing, placed next to the inter-commune Thien Ke road, Binh Xuyen district, Vinh Phuc province.

After receiving the information, the Binh Xuyen District Police Investigation Agency (Vinh Phuc Provincial Police) was present at the scene to investigate and clarify the case. After 24 hours since receiving the news, the Police Investigation Agency of Vinh Phuc Province has clarified that the culprit causing the above case is Duong Van The.

At the investigation agency, Duong Van The confessed to the whole act of killing the girl at dawn on September 5.

Currently, the authorities are continuing to investigate and clarify the case.

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