The child vomited all over her body in the elevator, the young girl was terrified, the child’s father’s actions then made people “cold”

On September 5, Ms. Vuong and her friend had an appointment to eat at the mall Baolong City Plaza in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. OFFERAustralia was standing in the elevator going from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor, when suddenly the child standing next to her vomited all over her body.

Ms. Wang’s story has attracted great attention from the Chinese public

According to the image recorded by the security camera, Ms. Wang can be seen standing in the middle of a large group of people. Behind Ms. Wang is a man holding his daughter in his arms. Everything was normal when the girl standing behind suddenly vomited. Miss Vuong stood at a close distance, so she had to absorb the vomit of the other girl.

Ms. Wang’s clothes were completely stained, from her skirt, sleeves, back, legs, to shoes and socks, all became very dirty, and also gave off a very difficult scent. bear. Every time she remembers that moment, Ms. Vuong still shudders in horror. She said the incident made her haunted, it took a few days to regain her composure.

At that time, the girl’s father actively offered to buy Ms. Vuong a new set of clothes. Ms. Vuong asked her friend to buy clothes for her, while she waited in the bathroom herself.

When a strange child vomited all over her body in the elevator, the young girl was terrified, the child's father's actions then made people feel cold - Photo 2.

Image from security camera

Ms. Wang knew that the child did not intentionally vomit on her, and also thought for their family, so she only planned to buy a temporary set of clothes to prevent dirt. Although the shoes were also dirty, Ms. Vuong decided not to buy the shoes because she did not think it was really necessary. Her companion helped Ms. Vuong choose a shirt, jeans and socks at Uniqlo with a total value of 527 yuan (equivalent to 1.9 million VND).

According to Ms. Vuong, the shoes and the one-piece dress she was wearing when the incident happened cost about 300 yuan (equivalent to 1 million dong). So her friend picked up a new set of clothes for approx. However, when Ms. Vuong’s friend paid for the clothes, the girl’s father had since left.

Ms. Ma – Ms. Vuong’s friend – said that when the incident happened, the girl’s father only told them to go buy new clothes, and did not mention the price. This man used the excuse to take his daughter to a doctor and left his phone number. When Ms. Vuong called, he just said to pay first, then he will transfer the money again. At about 8pm, he brusquely told Ms. Vuong to just take a shower and immediately put her on the blacklist. Ms. Vuong tried to find a way to contact her again but couldn’t.

When a strange child vomited all over her body in the elevator, the young girl was terrified, the child's father's actions then made people feel cold - Photo 3.

Miss Vuong’s skirt is dirty both front and back

Ms. Vuong revealed that the girl’s father took the initiative to help her change clothes, but then slyly broke his word. The sudden change made Ms. Wang feel cold. Frustrated, Ms. Vuong asked the police to intervene.

According to Ms. Wang, the girl’s father said that he did not promise to buy her new clothes in return. Furthermore, the suit she chose was too expensive, so he had no intention of continuing to deal with the matter.

The reporter directly contacted the father in the story to clarify the situation. This man expressed that Ms. Vuong’s side did not clarify the matter and continued to harass him. In addition, he also transferred 100 yuan (equivalent to 352,000 VND) as an expense for Ms. Vuong to wash clothes.

Ms. Vuong admitted that at 7:30 pm on the same day, the girl’s father transferred her 100 yuan (equivalent to 352,000 VND), but she did not accept this solution. Because according to her, the clothes that were vomited up by the child could not be washed, especially until a few hours after the incident. At that time, Ms. Wang could not leave the mall, even a few days later she was still haunted.

When a strange child vomited all over her body in the elevator, the young girl was terrified, the child's father's actions then made people feel cold - Photo 4.

Ms. Vuong’s shoes after the incident

Both Ms. Vuong and the girl’s father are extremely resolute, neither side will give in to the other. Ms. Vuong stated that if this man still refused to accept responsibility, she would sue to the end. She doesn’t care about money, but her young father’s attitude makes her intolerable. Besides, Ms. Vuong hopes to solve the case to the right place, so that if he encounters a similar case in the future, he will not dare to continue to treat others like that.

The above story has attracted great attention from Chinese public opinion with mixed opinions. Some people think that Ms. Vuong is having a big story: “Oh, the clothes don’t get damaged, you can wash them. She’s just overdoing it!”, “I thought it was a big deal, turns out that’s all?”, “People still have to feed them.” child, can you think about it for a moment?”, “Buy a temporary outfit and choose something that’s so expensive?”, “It’s nothing but a mess, what a waste of work!” …

In addition, there were also many people who spoke up in defense of Ms. Vuong: “Being vomited all over by children in public, oh, it’s already annoying.”, “If that’s the case, how can we go anywhere else, it’s right to have to pay people.”, “Oh wow, this guy is weird, act like a man!”, “Just thinking about it makes me feel sick for her.”, “The smell of vomit is terrible, isn’t it? It’s okay to wash it.”, “She won’t charge you extra for emotional damage, she’s already lucky for you!”, “It’s not about how much the clothes are worth, but your attitude. this is too bad!”, “I would sue too, this attitude is unacceptable!”…

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