The cleaner these 3 things on the body, the longer the life expectancy

There are 3 things on the body that greatly affect longevity. These are blood vessels, lungs and intestines. You need to protect them carefully from a young age and pay special attention after turning 45. Because the cleaner these 3 things, the longer they will live.

1. Blood vessels

There is a saying that “humans and arteries have the same lifespan”. If blood vessels are not clean, it will accelerate the aging process of the human body, leading to the deterioration of systems and organs in the body. Along with the increase of age, the accumulation of “junk” in the blood vessels is easy to form blood clots and cause blockage of blood vessels, causing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and can even cause stroke. death.

The cleaner these 3 things on the body, the longer the lifespan - Photo 1.

Congested blood vessels can lead to many life-threatening complications (Artwork)

You can apply the following blood vessel cleaning methods:

Eat more than 5 vegetables:

Eat at least 5 vegetables a day, which can help protect blood vessels. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is very beneficial for blood vessel health. Different colored vegetables contain different nutrients. The more vegetables you eat, the more nutrients your body can absorb.

The cleaner these 3 things on the body, the longer the lifespan - Photo 2.

Vegetables are very good for cleaning blood vessels (Artwork)

Vegetables contain a lot of vitamin C, anthocyanin, fiber… substances that the human body cannot synthesize, which is beneficial for anti-oxidation, eliminating toxins and maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels.

Drinking tea and boiled water:

Boiled water and fresh tea are the best blood thinners. Drinking tea regularly can replenish body fluids, promote metabolism, reduce fat and detoxify, prevent blood clotting. Or drinking water boiled with lotus leaves can improve blood viscosity.

Exercises to rejuvenate and clean blood vessels:

Doctor Iketani Toshiro (Japan) has spent more than 30 years of effort researching and inventing a blood vessel cleansing exercise that can be done by any age group. How to practice is very simple, you just need to stand still in one place, relax your shoulders, your shoulders move naturally, your stomach tightens, run for 1 minute and then stop. Performed 3 times a day, maintained regularly, the blood vessels will be about 9 years younger than their age.

2. Lungs

The lungs are natural filters that protect the body from infections and air pollution. The respiratory system can be affected by harmful substances in the air we breathe every day. In an environment of air pollution, kitchen smoke, cigarette smoke, vehicle smoke… will damage the lungs, make the lungs dirty, affect lung function, can produce many different diseases and harm the lungs. health.

The cleaner these 3 things on the body, the longer the lifespan - Photo 3.

The lungs are very susceptible to being affected and infected by environmental factors (Illustration image)

Dry cough, chest pain, shortness of breath… can be a warning sign of serious lung disease such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary embolism and many other diseases. So, the “cleaner” lungs, the better overall health, which enhances longevity.

Cleanse and protect your lungs by doing these 3 things:

Eat more white foods:

The following are white foods that are good for the lungs:

– Yam: Enhances vitality for qi, spleen, lungs and kidneys… clears ears and eyes, enhances qi and nourishes yin.

– Chestnuts: Can clear the lungs and clear phlegm, help the lungs detoxify, beneficial to the health of the lungs.

– Snow mushrooms: Oxygen and blood, nourishing the lungs and stomach, nourishing the body.

– Pear: Can moisten the lungs and produce body fluids, relieve cough and clear phlegm.

– Lotus root: Clearing heat, eliminating fire, moistening the lungs, reducing cough.

Drink tea:

The cleaner these 3 things on the body, the longer the lifespan - Photo 4.

Drinking tea is very good for the lungs and prevents many diseases (Artwork)

Lungs love to stay moist and hate being dry, drinking a lot of tea can moisten the lungs and promote fluid in the body, promoting lung detoxification, which is very beneficial. In particular, if you want to clean your lungs and prolong your life, choose green tea, honey grapefruit tea or Arhat fruit tea to achieve the best effect.

Phu Du acupuncture point massage:

Pulmonary point is a point near the lungs, so it is known by many people as “pulmonary point”. This point is located at the position below the 3rd vertebral spine, on both sides, about 2 fingers from the left and right sides.

Gently pressing on the Phu Du point can relax the qi in the chest, expel the sputum from the body, and help the lungs stay healthy.

3. Intestines

The intestine is the digestive organ that carries food from the stomach to the anus. This includes the large intestine, small intestine, appendix, and the rectum (rectum). Traditional medicine has a saying: “If you want to live a long life, you must first clean your intestines”. Clean gut or not directly affects digestion, absorption, metabolism, so it also greatly determines longevity.

The cleaner these 3 things on the body, the longer the lifespan - Photo 5.

Eating habits have a huge impact on the health of the digestive system, including the intestines (Artwork)

However, modern eating habits such as eating too much, eating a lot of fried foods, processed foods, etc. easily lead to accumulation of toxins in the intestines. In addition, with age, digestive function declines, beneficial bacteria in the intestines decrease, which will also lead to an unclean intestine. Experts point out that 90% of human diseases are related to an unclean gut.

To keep your bowels clean and keep disease away, do the following things regularly:

Eat spinach:

Using spinach in feed, the intestines are completely cleaned. Spinach is a very beneficial green vegetable that eliminates stomach problems and improves digestion. Flavonoids in spinach act as an antioxidant that boosts the body’s immunity. By consuming it in salads, the digestive system gets stronger and the food is easier to digest.

The cleaner these 3 things on the body, the longer the lifespan - Photo 6.

Regularly eating green vegetables helps the intestines and the entire digestive system to be healthy (Artwork)

Drink enough filtered water:

Water is one of the key elements for keeping the intestines clean and lubricated. Drinking plenty of water can reduce the formation and release of harmful gases in the intestines, which is beneficial for gut health. Warm boiling water at 35 degrees C – 40 degrees C is the best choice. Regularly drinking water can prevent colorectal cancer.

Waist punch:

The two sides of the waist are the places where the meridians pass, regularly patting can improve the detoxification ability, improve constipation. Lightly punch the sides of the waist, 300 times a day, there will be a noticeable improvement.

In addition to exercises specifically for the waist, you should also move your whole body regularly. Because physical activity is not only good for blood vessels and lungs, but also helps stimulate the digestive system. This helps to prolong life and prevent many diseases.

The cleaner these 3 things on the body, the longer the lifespan - Photo 7.

Pilates or Yoga is one of the great choices when you want to be healthy and prolong life (Artwork)

However, focus on regularity, regularity, and longevity instead of the difficulty or heaviness of the exercise. Sports like Yoga, Pilates, meditation, aerobics, brisk walking, cycling… are good for prolonging life.

Source and photo: Aboluowang, Healthline, Sohu

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