The company was criticized for forcing employees to report the daily battery level of their phones to their superiors to assess their capacity

Recently, a company based in Wuhan city (China) has attracted a lot of public attention after being denounced by an employee about their odd policy.

According to this employee, the reason stems from the company’s recent performance not being as expected, KPIs always falling short of the plan set by the management.

The Chinese company received criticism for forcing employees to report daily phone battery consumption for superiors to assess capacity - Photo 1.

In order to correct employee morale, the management sent a message to the general chat group and asked the employees to take screenshots from now on and send it back to the manager at the end of the day. The purpose is to control whether employees work separately during the hours.

As soon as it was introduced, this regulation was met with fierce opposition from employees, causing great controversy within the company.

According to this employee, many people in the company are threatening to quit if this policy becomes a reality.

“It’s really tiring, but it’s okay, just plug in the charger for half an hour before going home. The thick tangerine peel means the nails must be sharp” – A netizen said.

Source: Weibo

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