The crane fell on the car, but the users inside are still miraculously safe

The crane fell on the car, but the users inside were still miraculously safe - Photo 1.

The accident was recorded by security cameras in the area – Photo: Jalopnik

A student studying journalism in the Bronx (New York, USA) on September 20 miraculously escaped death after her car was hit by a crane.

Danielle Cruz was on her way to school when her car was hit by a broken crane falling from above. The car, a street light and a traffic light next to it were all hit by a weight of hundreds of kilograms falling at high speed.

Those present at the scene then quickly rushed to Cruz’s car to help. Miraculously, even though the car was hit directly by the crane, she only injured her hand and bleeding from the broken glass.

The whole crane weighing hundreds of kilograms fell on the car, the person sitting was miraculously healthy

According to a firefighter present at the scene who candidly shared with the victim, if her car had advanced 75mm, she might not have survived. The crane was lifting the load to the 7th floor of a nearby building when it broke, leading to the above accident.

Not only Cruz, a pedestrian nearby was also extremely lucky to escape without injury. In the video, this person can be seen appearing right next to Cruz’s car after the crane crashed into her car.

Just this September, New York had two accidents caused by cranes. The previous incident also happened in Brooklyn when a crane carrying construction materials overturned, damaging the adjacent building. Fortunately, both of these accidents caused no injuries.

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