The E3 event has an official date

Theo The Gamersince 2019, the E3 event has not been held in person, and the 2022 event has also been canceled, leading many to think that E3 is just a ‘past’.

But now there is good news for the E3 fan community that the event will return in 2023 under new organizers, and the date and how the new event will work has been revealed. .

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E3 game event will be held in June next year

E3 will start on June 13, 2023 and end on June 16, 2023. This will be an event for the gaming industry and will also be open to the public. However, the two groups of participants will be kept separate.

Industry insiders participating for work will be at the event without users for the first 2 days. After that, the public will be welcomed on June 15 and will have their own E3 event on June 16.


In fact, starting June 11, the first two days will be dedicated to E3 partners’ digital product launches and events, ready to welcome industry insiders and industry insiders. public to attend. The names of those who will hold those showcases have not yet been revealed. Major developers and publishers have skipped E3 in recent years, but they can also return as the new organizer and the revamped event.

Reedpop acquired the rights to host E3 from The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) earlier this year, stating that the event will remain active in the future.

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Reedpop will be the organizer of E3 2023

Although the eventual fate of the event under the new management is yet to be seen, it can be well controlled in the near term. Because Reedpop used to be responsible for organizing events of a similar, and even larger scale, like New York Comic-Con and Star Wars Celebration Day.

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