The epidemic in Hong Kong is tense, Chinese doctors and nurses come to support

The epidemic in Hong Kong was tense, Chinese doctors and nurses came to support - Photo 1.

Medical staff in personal protective equipment (PPE) unload a patient from an ambulance at Princess Margaret Hospital in Hong Kong on March 11 – Photo: AFP

Mainland medical staff to support Hong Kong

Newspaper South China Morning Post Reportedly, 75 medical staff from mainland China are expected to arrive in the Hong Kong special administrative region today (March 14) to start supporting the city in dealing with the 5th severe outbreak. Another 300 support staff are expected to arrive later this week.

During a press conference on COVID-19 this morning, March 14, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Carrie Lam said the first support team included doctors, nurses and other medical staff from mainland China.

According to Ms. Carrie Lam, a group of 16 people from Guangdong province went to Hong Kong last week to check and contact the Hong Kong Hospital Administration.

Lam also revealed that the first batch of Pfizer’s COVID-19 treatment Paxlovid will be delivered to Hong Kong today, March 14. Other lots are expected to continue arriving within the next 2-3 months.

Hong Kong is facing a serious outbreak due to the Omicron variant, with 32,430 new infections recorded on March 13.

The Hong Kong government said that so far, about 11,000 hospital beds in public hospitals, accounting for 50% of the total number of public hospital beds, have been designated to treat COVID-19 patients.

Mainland China: Continued over 1,000 new infections/day

In mainland China, on the morning of March 14, the National Health Commission of China (NHC) said there were 1,437 new infections recorded in the past 24 hours, including 1,337 infections in the community and 100 imported cases. Previously, on March 10, China recorded more than 1,000 infections / day for the first time in 2 years since February 2020.

The epidemic in Hong Kong was tense, Chinese doctors and nurses came to support - Photo 2.

An exhibition center is used as a field hospital in Changchun City, Jilin Province, China on March 12 – Photo: REUTERS

In addition, mainland China also recorded 906 new asymptomatic infections (China does not classify as “confirmed cases”) on March 13, and there are 7,039 asymptomatic patients still undergoing treatment. medical monitoring.

Jilin province, one of the hardest hit by the current outbreak, recorded 895 community infections and 131 asymptomatic infections as of March 13.

In the face of an increase in infections, local governments in Jilin have conducted many large-scale PCR tests and set up makeshift hospitals to contain the latest outbreak.

Community workers here are actively working to ensure COVID-19 prevention and control measures are in place.

Currently hMillions of people in China are going through lockdown. Jilin City in Jilin Province has been partially blocked, while Changchun City (9 million people) also in this province has been blocked.

The Shanghai city government has closed schools, and Shenzhen (one of China’s largest cities with a population of 17 million) has been locked down…

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