The European Commission calls for the creation of its own military force

The European Commission calls for the creation of its own military force - Photo 1.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen speaks in France on September 15 – Photo: REUTERS

“Europe can and clearly should, be ready to do more on its own,” von der Leyen told Reuters on September 15, referring to the building of a common European military force. Europe.

This is a message that has been echoed in Europe over the past few weeks.

“In the past weeks, there has been much discussion about expeditionary forces. What kind of force and how many do we need: battle groups or the European Union (EU) vanguard. is certainly part of the debate and I believe it will be part of the solution,” added the EC president.

She said that early next year, when France holds the rotating EU presidency, she and French President Emmanuel Macron will convene a summit on European defense.

Also according to the head of the EC, a new joint statement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) – EU will be presented later this year.

When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in August 2021, Western countries were left in the dark in a chaotic evacuation at the US-controlled Kabul airport.

However, Ms. von der Leyen said the EU’s problem was not a lack of capacity, but a lack of determination to act.

“We may have the most advanced forces in the world, but if they’re not ready to use, what’s the point?” – she emphasized.

In her message on September 15, Ms. von der Leyen also mentioned many other important issues. In it, she announced her commitment to donate 200 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to the world, bringing the total number of EU aid vaccines to 450 million doses.

According to the EC leader, “it is an investment in solidarity and it is also an investment in global health”.

In Europe, to date, more than 70% of adults in the 27 EU member states have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The 19 member countries are expected to recover their economies to pre-pandemic levels this year, while the rest may have to wait until next year.

Europe jostles with Afghanistan Europe jostles with Afghanistan

Germany has said it will resume its diplomatic presence in Kabul if the Taliban meet certain conditions, although some other European countries are still hesitant. Meanwhile, European defense ministers are considering creating a rapid response force for Afghanistan.


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