The face of the hot girl and hot boy group born in 2004 will participate in the National High School Exam

Only a few more days, the 2022 National High School Graduation Exam will officially take place. Right now, the 2004 students must be extremely worried and nervous because of the important nature of this exam.

It is expected that more than 1 million candidates will participate in this year’s exam. Notably, among them are many familiar faces to netizens. Let’s take a look at who they are!

Hong Khanh – Daughter of Meritorious Artist Afternoon Xuan

Hong Khanh – the youngest lady of Meritorious Artist Afternoon Xuan received a lot of attention when participating in the contest Young Vietnamese voice 2013. After a while, from a chubby little girl, Hong Khanh has successfully reached puberty. At the age of 18, she has a pretty face, the same style is very on trend, sometimes fragile like a muse, sometimes very modern and personality.

The face of hot girls and hot boys born in 2004 will participate in the National High School Exam - Photo 1.

Hong Khanh has good memories of studying at Marie Curie High School (Hanoi).

It is known that Hong Khanh is studying in grade 12, at Marie Curie High School (Hanoi). During the coming of age ceremony, her 2k4 friend once shared emotionally: “When I look back at my time in high school, although there were times when I made mistakes, my thoughts were immature, but all have made me the version of me today. A version that is not perfect but is still trying to the best. own strength”.

She is one of the students who participated in the 2022 high school graduation exam before pursuing an artistic path

The heroine Third Wife Nguyen Phuong Tra My

Nguyen Phuong Tra My, currently a student of class 12D5, Marie Curie High School (Ho Chi Minh City). Tra My received a lot of love from the audience after playing the female lead in the film Dad’s Wife premiered in the middle of 2019. However, since the film stopped showing, Tra My has been quite tight-lipped. Occasionally, she participates in some film premiere events, award ceremonies.

The face of hot girls and hot boys born in 2004 will participate in the National High School Exam - Photo 3.

Tra My received a lot of attention, as well as controversy when taking on the role of the female lead “Third wife” when she was only 13 years old.

After 3 years since the first appearance in the movie Ba’s wife, Tra My of the present is no longer as chubby as before. Instead, she was praised as beautiful and more mature. Recently, in the last class, Tra My sent a message to her classmates: “12 years of going to school are not always happy days, but if I go back, I don’t want to change anything. I just hope that in the future we will always be as happy and carefree as we are now and live happily ever after.”

Tra My is now mature and very pretty…

But it is also very innocent when taking pictures with friends

Nguyen Do Vu Yen

With the explosion of social media, her friend Nguyen Do Vu Yen, although not participating in any artistic activities, still gained nearly hundreds of thousands of followers on her personal page thanks to her beautiful appearance. It is known that Vu Yen (born in 2004), is a 12th grader at Tran Hung Dao High School (My Tho). She makes people “hug their hearts” thanks to her bright face, bright smile and smiling eyes.

At just 18 years old, Yen had an independent life, even helping her parents with some money for school thanks to her job of introducing products. In a previous interview, this female student said that even though she was an only child, she was not pampered like princesses or ladies. She still does everything by herself, making her own decisions with the permission and support of her family.

Vu Yen does not participate in art activities, but her personal page still has nearly one hundred thousand followers

She added that, despite receiving many booking invitations, the female student always tries to balance between study and work. Thanks to that, Vu Yen’s academic results are always good in her high school years. With such high determination, hope that she will achieve high results in the upcoming exam.

TikToker Quach To Nhu

Referring to one of the young TikTokers who receive a lot of love from netizens, it is impossible to ignore the name Quach To Nhu (nickname is Peo). The female student who owns a TikTok channel has more than 590k followers and 6.1 million hearts. This friend’s TikTok clips are usually not too fussy but still attract many views thanks to the cuteness that reaches the maximum score.

It is known that To Nhu is currently studying in grade 12, at a high school in Vinh Long province. To Nhu once shared, outside of studying time, she will work as a content creator, accept PR and introduce products. The part-time job for To Nhu has many interesting experiences and can be comfortable in financial matters.

The face of hot girls and hot boys born in 2004 will participate in the National High School Exam - Photo 7.

Only 18 years old, To Nhu soon had a good source of income from TikToker work

You have a young and cute appearance for her age

Despite having a job with a good income early on, To Nhu said that studying is still a top priority. This year, along with many seniors, she will enter the high school graduation exam to realize her dream of becoming a singer or actress.

TikToker Tien Cedric

For the low-tech association or “to the top” for technology tips, perhaps no one does not know Tien Cedric. Because this guy is the owner of the channel @tiencedric, with more than 1.3 million followers even though the channel has only been established since October 2020. More surprisingly, Tien Cedric is quite young, just a 12th grader at Viet Duc High School (Hanoi).

The face of a hot girl and hot boy born in 2004 will participate in the National High School Exam - Photo 9.

Tien Cedric is studying at Viet Duc High School – one of the most famous high schools in Hanoi

In an interview in early March, “top tycoon” Duy Muoi revealed that Tien Cedric’s income could be up to several hundred million per month. Tien Cedric himself once shared, his monthly income comes from 3 main sources: receiving bookings on TikTok, doing projects and investing. With the money earned, in addition to spending on both work and study, Tien Cedric also brought some money back to his mother.

And of course, despite earning a huge income from a young age, but Tien Cedric still has to take the stressful university exam like many of his peers!

Male students go to school in the morning and come back at night to earn hundreds of millions of dollars

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