The film Em and Trinh was secretly filmed, the producer said the audience ‘lack of consciousness’

Inspired by the life of musician Trinh Cong Son, the movie project “burns out” at the box office in 2022. Me and Trinh received a lot of attention from the audience. The life and muses of the late musician also became the focus of discussion. Therefore, Me and Trinh It is also inevitable that there will be incidents in the theater from the audience.

Most recently, some viewers took pictures of the film and posted it on social networking sites, sharing details about the details of the movie. Even, many clips secretly recorded some scenes of Me and Trinh also spread on the internet.

  The film Em and Trinh was secretly filmed, the producer said the audience lacked consciousness - Photo 1.

The movie about the late musician Trinh Cong Son reached more than 1 million tickets, the fastest so far this year

Accordingly, the film producer Em and Trinh officially said: “We are grateful for the audience’s comments and evaluations about the movie related to the late musician Trinh Cong Son. However, we respect it. And wanting to keep the experience complete for moviegoers, sharing the details of the film’s content on social media is creating incomplete views of the film.”

Productor flim Me and Trinh Emphasizing that stealthily filming almost all of the film’s images is an act of lack of consciousness, abetting “piracy movies”, a premise for acts of damaging gray matter…

“Making a movie to bring the best experience to viewers is a very hard process from a whole crew with many people. The “spoil” of the film (revealing details, film content – PV – PV) ) or secret filming at the theater unintentionally makes unbiased judgments and greatly affects their morale”, the producer shared.

This is not the first time, Vietnamese films have faced the situation of being secretly filmed or revealing details and content on social networks. Before that, movies like: Miss Saigon, Old girls have many tricks V, Flip 3… also fell into a similar situation, making the filmmakers and the audience extremely angry.

Share with Reporterdirector Quang Minh said: “Many young audiences today go to cinemas to watch movies, they are stylish but not civilized. For example, going to cinemas still uses phones and even secretly filmed movies and then distributed them. To complete a movie in theaters is the effort of many people and collectives. Distributing a movie while it is being shown is an act of ignorance and deserves condemnation. I hope audiences come to the theater. Please be civilized, don’t ruin a good movie because of a little unintentional or deliberate act of one person, making the effort of a team about zero …”.

  The film Em and Trinh was secretly filmed, the producer said the audience lacked consciousness - Photo 2.

The film crew Em and Trinh interact with the audience

The film “Em and Trinh” has many fictional details, many viewers believe that it is the fictions that bring the unique spice that resonates with the melodic depth of Trinh Cong Son’s music, the tender slices of youth that have changed. create an emotional journey: the excitement of youth, the concern with ideals, the outstanding with anti-war songs, the romantic with love songs to Trinh Cong Son, which is contemplative, thorny and very lifelike.

The film is leading the box office for 1 consecutive week, accounting for nearly 70% of the box office revenue of the whole market.

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