The first school of Vietnam National University, Hanoi to announce the benchmark of competency assessment

Accordingly, there are 9 candidates who are national excellent students and students who have won prizes in national science and technology competitions.

The successful candidates for direct admission confirm their admission on the general enrollment support system of the Ministry of Education and Training from July 22 to 5:00 p.m. on August 20.

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy, VNU-HN announces the admission scores for the University’s majors according to the results of the University Admission Test (HSA) in 2022 as follows:

STT Industry code Majors Matriculation score
1 7720101 Medical 22.70
2 7720201 Pharmacy 21.75
3 7720501 Teeth – Jaw – Face (CLC) 21.30
4 7720601 Medical testing techniques 19.50
5 7720602 The art of medical imaging 18.85
6 7720301 Nursing 17.90


The matriculation score is announced on a 30-point scale which includes the priority scores according to the priority subjects and the enrollment area and only considers the candidate’s 1st wish, in case of lack of criteria, the 2nd wish of the candidate is considered. Candidates.

How to calculate admission score according to the results of the National Assessment Examination (HSA) organized by VNU in 2022 by the formula: DX = Qualifying Assessment Score * 30/150 + Qualifying Score (T/N).

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