The French Air Force rehearsed on September 11, Parisians thought there was terrorism

The French Air Force rehearsed on September 11, Parisians thought there was terrorism - Photo 1.

The Rafale fighter jet flew near the A330 MRTT refueling plane but was mistaken for an aviation incident – Photo taken from the clip

French social media is flooded with photos and videos of a plane that looks like a commercial plane being approached at a slow speed by a fighter jet over Paris on September 11th. The sound of jet planes roaring scared many people.

“Sounds like an explosion, I don’t know where the plane crashed,” a Parisian told the radio BFMTV. Because the incident happened on September 11, this person said that he immediately associated with the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the US.

19 Al Qaeda terrorists then hijacked four large commercial planes and crashed them into three locations, including the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York and the headquarters of the US Department of Defense. The fourth plane crashed into an empty lot as the passengers fought off the terrorists.

The incident caused a stir in public opinion, causing the French government to speak out to reassure. French Prime Minister Jean Castex’s office insisted it was an aerial refueling exercise.

Video on social media shows the scene of two planes rehearsing over Paris on September 11 – Source: TWITTER

During the exercise, the Rafale fighter jet received fuel from an Airbus A330 MRTT refueling aircraft. Due to its resemblance to the passenger aircraft version, many people mistakenly thought that there was something wrong with forcing the French fighter to take off.

In fact, according to Mr. Castex’s office, there were no incidents on the plane. Mr Castex’s spokesman also said the French prime minister was on board the A330 MRTT, because of his “responsibility in defense matters”.

The two planes landed safely at Velizy-Villacoublay airbase, southwest of Paris, on the afternoon of September 11. “Ultimately, this is just a rehearsal. But everyone will have their own opinion on this, depending on when they see it.” BFMTV close the problem.

The French Air Force rehearsed on September 11, Parisians thought there was terrorism - Photo 3.

Rafale fighter of the French Air Force – Photo: REUTERS

At the end of September last year, Parisians also panicked when a fighter jet broke through the sound wall and created loud explosions that could be heard across Paris.

The breaking of the sound wall occurs when an object moves at a speed faster than the speed of sound through the air.

Explosions rattled windows, startled birds flew about, disrupting tennis at the French Open for a short time.

The Paris hotline was also overloaded for a while because there were too many calls to report and inquire about the incident.

The French military later confirmed the incident, saying that a Rafale fighter was forced to accelerate, breaking the sound wall to approach a passenger plane that lost contact with air traffic control.

The incident happened at an altitude of about 10,000m and both the Rafale and the civilian aircraft were obscured by clouds, so many people were confused because they did not know where the sound was coming from.


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