The German Ambassador shared about the visit to Vietnam of the frigate Bavaria

The German Ambassador shared about the visit to Vietnam of the frigate Bayern - Photo 1.

The frigate Bayern (F217) moves in formation with the US littoral combat ship USS Tulsa in the Philippine Sea in October 2021 – Photo: US Navy

“The visit of the frigate Bavaria demonstrates the friendship between Vietnam and Germany, and emphasizes the growing significance of the Indo-Pacific region for international relations” – Ambassador The German Embassy in Vietnam quoted the Ambassador Guido Hildner spoke on January 5, the day before the battleship arrived.

Ambassador Hildner emphasized that the Bayern’s voyage showed a Germany that wants to strengthen cooperation with “important” partners, affirming the importance of international order based on rules.

The trip also emphasized the legal value of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea as an important legal instrument on the seas and oceans.

“The visit of the frigate Bayern to Ho Chi Minh City is another testament to the vibrant strategic partnership between Germany and Vietnam,” the German Embassy emphasized in a statement dated January 5.

Vietnam is the latest stop in the 7-month voyage of the Bayern ship in the Indo-Pacific.

The ship sailed last August and entered the South China Sea in December of the same year, becoming the first German warship to pass through the area since 2002.

Before passing through the East Sea area, for nearly a month, the frigate participated in supervising the implementation of UN sanctions against North Korea.

In the past few years, Germany has increasingly shown an interest in the Indo-Pacific region in the context that other major European countries have gone ahead.

“The open sea lanes are of particular economic importance for Germany and Europe. The mission of the frigate Bayern is to make a concrete contribution to the defense and maintenance of the rules-based order in Germany. Indo-Pacific region” – German Embassy affirmed.

The Bayern ship’s journey so far has passed through the Horn of Africa, Pakistan, Australia, Guam (USA), Japan, Korea, and Singapore. The next stops on the return journey to Germany are expected to be Sri Lanka and India.

The Bayern frigate is nearly 139m long and has a full load displacement of nearly 4,500 tons. The ship is equipped with 76mm gunboats, vertical launchers for anti-aircraft missiles and anti-ship missile launchers and torpedoes. In this deployment, the ship has more than 230 members.

Why did Germany send warships to Asia? Why did Germany send warships to Asia?

TTO – The German Embassy in Vietnam affirmed that Berlin wants to contribute to shaping and maintaining the rules-based international order when deploying the Bayern frigate to Asia. The ship will visit many countries, including Vietnam.


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