The German Embassy provides information on visa issuance for Vietnamese people holding new ordinary passports

According to the German Embassy in Vietnam, currently, the authorities of the two countries are actively discussing to remove problems related to Germany’s temporary refusal to recognize the new passport model of Vietnam with color cover. purplish green and the serial number begins with the letter P.

In the immediate future, in order to facilitate Vietnamese citizens in Germany to obtain residence permits and other administrative procedures with German agencies, the Embassy is ready to issue a confirmation in German about the destination. birth to present together with the citizen’s passport. The applicant needs to submit an application form and present proof of place of birth such as a birth certificate or previous passport.

The German Embassy in Vietnam will continue to update information on this issue.

Previously, according to the announcement dated July 27, 2022 of the German Embassy in Hanoi, the new passport form of Vietnam was issued from July 1, 2022 in Vietnam (blue cover, serial number. ri P) is temporarily not recognized in Germany and therefore not issued visa on these passports. In case a visa has been granted, the holder of this passport form may be refused entry at the border gate.

Currently, Vietnamese authorities are talking with the German side to solve problems as soon as possible.

The Consular Department – Ministry of Foreign Affairs worked with the Immigration Department – the Ministry of Public Security to exchange information and plan to handle problems. On the afternoon of July 28, the Consular Department contacted the German Embassy in Hanoi to propose that the two sides work together to find solutions to overcome technical difficulties in order to create favorable conditions for Vietnamese citizens to enter the country. entry into Germany, in line with the spirit of the Vietnam-Germany strategic partnership. The Vietnamese Embassy in Germany has also contacted to arrange a direct exchange with the German authorities about this.

A representative of the Immigration Department also said that as soon as the information was received, the unit worked with the Consular Department, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to discuss with the German side through the diplomatic route. In addition, a representative of the Immigration Department also affirmed that the new model of Vietnam’s ordinary passport was built on the basis of law, regulations and international standards.

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