The girl awkwardly refueled many times and failed to cause a fever in the online community

The video shared on the Clown World account has attracted more than 6.6 million views in just 15 hours, so far reaching 19.5 million views after 2 days of posting – Video: @ClownWorld_/Twitter

In the 1-minute 31-second video, a woman drives a car Mercedes-Benz to the gas station. She took the fuel filler hose to refuel. But do not understand how to align the distance that the car is out of range of the duct.

Realizing that the tube could not reach the fuel tank, the girl steered the car to adjust the position of the car but … still failed. This loop keeps happening, at least 3 times, until the video ends. Finally, after much effort, the girl was able to fill the tank with gasoline. The entire incident was recorded by the person sitting in the car opposite.

Although the location of the incident and when the video was filmed is still unknown, the video has reached 19.5 million views after 2 days of posting.

Some comments suggested that the video was staged. But some have posted other videos showing many female drivers fumbling with refueling for real:

A woman takes a fuel filler hose at a gas station to plug it into… Tesla electric car – Video: @addisu_max/Twitter

Or like this girl, instead of plugging the intake pipe into the gas tank, she … discharged to the ground – Video: @lazyJQ/Twitter

Overall, the majority of responses were amused and offered witty comments or emojis:

– It’s like coming down from the moon.

– Is there such a person in real life?

– Unbelievable.

– She should drive a Tesla, don’t have to worry about refueling.

– Must be a teenage girl driving a car for the first time and just got her license. Probably no instructions for refueling.

– Hold on, girl, is it that hard (with the emoji “bad crying and laughing”).

– Everyone laugh, but it’s the Mercedes-Benz driver.

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