The girl complained because the male doctor asked him to take an X-ray naked

ChinaWang, 26, got angry and filed a complaint, saying that it was unreasonable for a male doctor to ask her to take X-rays naked.

Wang, a girl living in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, went to the X-ray department of Huailai Hospital for a chest X-ray on June 17. The male doctor asked her to take off her coat and bra, but did not give her a gown to cover her body. After taking the photo, Wang asked friends about the X-ray problem on WeChat.

Hoai Lai Hospital, Hebei Province.  Photo: Sohu

Hoai Lai Hospital, Hebei Province. Image: Sohu

“I just finished a physical exam to make a document to get a teacher’s certificate, the male doctor asked me to go topless,” wrote Wang. “What do I have to do now?”

Wang said that everyone was asked to go topless, but she felt it was inappropriate because she believed that chest X-rays only needed to be worn without metal, she also discussed with the doctor that she was wearing an underwire bra. .

Wang filed a complaint with the hospital the next day. “This is a grave violation of human rights and dignity,” she wrote. “Please investigate this matter, whether it’s the hospital’s substandard workflow or the doctor’s personal error, and give me a reasonable explanation.”

“Work with your doctor to prevent something like this from happening again,” she insisted.

On June 19, she received a reply from the hospital, saying that the hospital did not have enough female staff to work at all stages of health check. If the patient is uncomfortable with going topless, they should talk to the medical staff and may refuse to continue the examination.

The hospital also explained that the X-ray machine was not working very well and that the male doctor might not have explained the details to the patient before taking the scan due to too many people waiting in line and the pressure to handle all cases. take a shot.

Due to a patient complaint, the doctor was suspended for a week from work and wrote a review. “The head of the radiology department apologized,” Wang said. “The main problem is the lack of communication between the two sides.”

Wang’s post caused a stir on social media, attracting more than 130 million reads. Many people expressed anger at the doctor’s behavior and thought that this person was punished too lightly. “As a doctor, does he understand the proper medical examination procedure?” a writer.

“The suspension is only for 7 days?” Another expressed outrage. “The price to pay is too little”.

Many others expressed sympathy for the male doctor, saying that “he just wanted to take a quick picture because after all, doctors don’t harass or take pictures of female patients”.

Last November, a woman made a similar complaint, prompting her parents to file a complaint with the police. Police criticized the doctor for working too quickly and not communicating effectively with patients.

Hong Hanh (Theo SCMP)

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