The girl was raped by her boyfriend and another man, threw her from the terrace to the ground, the details of the incident caused outrage.

Recently, Indian media reported, a 17-year-old girl was attacked and thrown from the balcony of a high-rise building. The incident happened in Uttar Pradesh on September 23. Both suspects Shiva Gupta (19 years old), the victim’s lover and his friend Sumit Gupta (18 years old) were arrested by police.

According to local media, the girl is an orphan, living with her uncle. Suspect Shiva owned a restaurant and the victim often went to Shiva’s stall to buy snacks. A short time later, the 17-year-old girl and Shiva became lovers, defining a long-term relationship.

On the day of the incident, Shiva invited his friend Sumit to break into the girl’s house to rape the victim. The young girl quickly alerted her uncle. However, two young men controlled and beat the victim’s uncle mercilessly.

The girl was raped by her boyfriend and another man, thrown from the terrace to the ground, the incident caused outrage - Photo 1.

The police said: “Sumit and Shiva attacked the victim’s uncle’s head. In order to escape her attacker, the girl climbed the stairs and ran to the rooftop. However, Shiva caught up and the two struggled and wrestled with each other. The victim was thrown to the ground and hit a cliff. The two suspects then fled the scene“.

According to local media, the victim is being treated at the hospital and is seriously injured. Fortunately, she survived the ordeal. According to the family, Shiva stormed to the victim’s home to hold on to affection when the girl’s relatives objected to their relationship. Upon arrival, abducted by the maiden, Shiva became impatient and angry. He and his friend tried to rape the young girl.

The victim had previously told her family that she was often harassed by Shiva. The victim’s uncle told the media: “Angry Shiva burst into our house and threw stones at me because everyone in the family objected to his relationship with my nephew.“.

Police said that based on nearby security cameras, they have arrested two suspects and are continuing to investigate the incident.

Previously, in June, in India, there was a similar incident when a 17-year-old girl was raped by three men and thrown from the balcony of the second floor. All the suspects lived near the girl’s family. this. The girl’s father said the group had been watching his daughter for the past few months. The girl was lucky to be alive, but her spine was severely damaged.

Source: India Today

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