The girl who showed off her before and after pictures of lip injections attracted 3 million views because her makeover was so magical, she thought she was praised for being beautiful, which caused a fierce controversy.

Recently, a girl named Sophie Morelli with TikTok account @sewphy posted a video sharing her magical makeover process and said that it was all thanks to the lip injection procedure by injecting fillers. full. This video quickly attracted the attention of people not only because of the surprise of the hot girl’s makeover, but also for other reasons.

At the beginning of the video, Sophie shares a photo of herself from the past. About a few years ago, the young girl had a fairly normal appearance, she also had curly hair that was tied back.

The girl who showed off pictures before and after lip injection sucked 3 million views because her makeover was so magical, thought she was praised for being pretty, which caused a lot of controversy - Photo 1.

However, then Sophie let viewers admire her “ravish” image in the present. With her curly blonde hair flowing loosely, her super pretty face and extremely hot and charismatic aura, the current Sophie seems to have turned into a completely different person, making everyone forget her old image. .

Captioning in the video, which has attracted nearly 3 million views, the 21-year-old girl said: “All I do is lip augmentation, the rest is a natural difference over time.” However, not being praised for being beautiful, the young girl was questioned by many netizens. Most of the opinions are that Sophie not only pumped her lips to change her appearance, but at least she certainly touched her nose with cutlery.

“No way, you’re pretty but you’re lying. Obviously your nose tip is smaller!”, “This can’t be the same nose”, “You can tell by looking at your nose”, extracting some comments “exploiting” the netizen’s owner.

“It’s all just lip augmentation, the rest is all natural”, the girl captioned

However, a few comments also defended Sophie. They think that in the old picture, because she is smiling, her nose seems to be larger. Sophie herself also personally responded to netizens’ comments, firmly denying that she had ever had a nose job: “No, I don’t have a nose job, because my lips are bigger, the nose will feel smaller.”

Source: The Sun

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