The ‘great war of split bread’ was once popular: how are Huynh Hoa and Ba Huynh shops now?

Banh mi has always been a popular dish with Vietnamese people and people in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh is no exception. When it comes to bread here, everyone once heard of the brand name Huynh Hoa bread (many people still read it as Huynh Hoa), not only because of the deliciousness of the loaf but also the place where the “drama” begins. Bread cult for a long time.

The incident that caused a stir among foodies has been going on for a few months, but these two bread names are still an irresistible attraction for those who love the taste of “flooded” bread. For more than ten years of working together, building Huynh Hoa bread and then separating to do business, now everywhere has a loyal customer base when there are people waiting in line to buy cakes every day. There are also guests who are curious to see how these two “expensive” loaves of bread are and want to taste the deliciousness of both.

Huynh Hoa bread is still crowded, no different from the heyday

With the price of 58,000 VND / loaf, 2-3 times more expensive than other types of bread, but thanks to the loaf of bread filled with all kinds of eye-catching cold meat filling inside, Huynh Hoa bread still attracts customers regularly. come buy. Even foreign tourists are curious about the taste, so they lined up all the way to try it.

The great war of split bread was once popular: how are Huynh Hoa and Ba Huynh shops now?  - Photo 2.

The loaf of bread here weighs nearly 500 grams, Huynh Hoa is still proud of the fillings served with the bread, which are all home-made, so it has its own unique flavor that is unmistakable. So many people, because of their passion for the taste of rolls, ham, cotton balls, pork, vegetables, especially greasy butter and rosy, delicious pate, do not mind the price, but also commented that: “You get what you pay for”, “expensive but cut into pieces”.

Inside the cake, there are nearly 5.6 layers of fillings with more than 10 different types of fillings cut by the staff.

The great war of split bread was once popular: how are Huynh Hoa and Ba Huynh shops now?  - Photo 4.

Although it is expensive and has to wait in line for 10-15 minutes, many people still wait patiently to enjoy this loaf.

The bakery is only open from 3 pm to night, but it is always crowded with people coming in and out, especially late at night, the more crowded, customers stand and spread to the path of the car.

Ba Huynh bread has expanded its area but has become more deserted

After the controversy broke out, the “super-flooded” banh mi village had a new name, Mrs. Huynh’s bread. If Huynh Hoa is famous for its expensive price and quality, it is not inferior here. The thing that makes Mrs. Huynh’s bread the most proud is the soul food of the exclusive bread – pate.

Currently, Ba Huynh bread is more “affordable” than Huynh Hoa bread with 55,000 VND for a special loaf, 40,000 VND for a normal loaf, but regardless of the price, the loaf is still very full, with many fillings. From pate, cold meat to the accompanying vegetable ingredients such as pickles, onions… are kept separately for guests.

Like the old bakery, Mrs. Huynh also makes most of the ingredients in the bread by herself, so much so that there are two houses next to each other for trading and baking.

In the first month of opening, the bakery applied the “buy 1 get 1 free” model, making diners flock to enjoy it.

The great war of split bread was once popular: how are Huynh Hoa and Ba Huynh shops now?  - Photo 8.

The image at the opening of Ba Huynh’s bakery was crowded with people.

To this day, although there are still many shippers and customers coming to buy, the number of customers is indeed less than before. The opposite evening between two famous bakeries, one crowded with people coming in and out, the other with only a few people standing to buy. But part of it is that Mrs. Huynh’s bread is located in the alley and is a bit difficult to find, so many people will not be convenient to come and buy.

According to the comments of many diners, Mrs. Huynh’s bread is not too different from Huynh Hoa’s bread. Even the price of the cake is the same. However, in the first month of opening, this bakery applied “buy 1 get 1 free” which made diners flock to enjoy.

How do both taste?

After tasting Mrs. Huynh’s bread, it is not much different from Huynh Hoa’s bread in District 1. First of all, the crust was different from the first bite when Huynh Hoa’s crust was thicker and firmer, without much crumbs. Huynh’s is suitable for those who want to eat big crispy cakes, thin crust, so the filling will be richer.

The great war of split bread was once a hit: how are the 2 Huynh Hoa and Ba Huynh shops now?  - Picture 10.
The great war of split bread was once popular: how are Huynh Hoa and Ba Huynh shops now?  - Photo 11.

The filling is full of meat, everyone is the same, “eight pounds, half a pound” is like that, but at a glance, Mrs. Huynh’s bread seems to be better than Huynh Hoa’s bread when there are more rolls, ham… The pate and butter of both brands are extremely delicious and somewhat “similar” when made with their own family secret.

So now, on the bread map of the city, a brand of bread has been added that is “strange but familiar” but still ensures deliciousness. Many people who still follow their interests, habits or even convenience will come to these two brands to enjoy cakes. So in general, this drama “slit bread” also accidentally made both brands have a certain position and loyal customers of each store.

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