The ‘hermit’ hides in the cave

ChinaA middle-aged man brings blankets, bowls and chopsticks into a hermitage in a cave in Sichuan, causing controversy about the modern lifestyle.

Liu, a resident of Neijiang city, Sichuan province, was walking behind a friend’s house on July 2 when he suddenly discovered a man reading a book in a cave in the mountains.

“We stood near the cave talking but didn’t realize there was someone inside,” Liu said. “A little while later, I noticed that someone was sitting in the cave and discovered a man about 30-40 years old reading a book while holding a pen and paper.”

Modern day hermit in Sichuan cave

A man in a cave in Neijiang, Sichuan, on July 2. Video: Swamp

Liu said the man did not seem to like being disturbed, so he did not pay attention to strangers outside the cave. Many living utensils such as blankets, buckets, bowls and chopsticks are arranged in the cave, surrounded by many cigarette butts.

“The living conditions here are very bad,” Liu said, adding that the man had lived in the cave for a long time, possibly because he wanted to escape life or because of “mental trauma”.

The video posted by Luu on social networks attracted many comments. Some say the man looks a lot like their loved one who ran away from home over the years.

“I want to see his face because I feel a lot like my uncle who ran away many years ago and loves to read,” one person wrote.

The video also sparked controversy on Chinese social media about the modern lifestyle. Some praised the unidentified man’s life as a hermit, saying he had “abandoned material pursuits to choose the path of spiritual freedom”. Many people believe that Chinese society is reeling in a spiral of fierce competition in the labor and education markets.

“I really admire him, not everyone can do that,” one person expressed.

“He built his own spiritual world without being disturbed by the outside world,” another commented.

Hong Hanh (Theo SCMP)

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