The highest paying industries in Vietnam, there are industries that earn 80-120 million VND/month and have never been hot

Choosing the wrong career often leads to the consequences that make you waste 4 or 5 years of studying at the University or when you graduate, you can’t find a job you like, unemployment, have to do low-paying jobs, have no hope. much in the future.

If you want to choose a career, you must carefully consider the following factors: Self-passion, market demand, ability, clear orientation, family wishes, financial ability… Articles about professions are in high demand for human resources, graduate with good income below can be a suggestion for your reference.

Hotel and tourism management

Average salary: 18-20 million VND/month.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam’s tourism industry is entering a recovery phase and has gradually attracted many visitors in recent times. Therefore, this is an opportunity for many domestic and foreign tourism businesses to invest a large amount of money to develop and exploit, creating jobs for many people with high salaries.

However, most careers in hotel and tourism management require flexible communication, English proficiency as well as appearance, so this is both an opportunity and a challenge for those who love this job. .

Information technology programmer

Average salary: 30 – 70 million VND/month

Programmers are understood as programming technicians. They use programming languages ​​to code and develop, as well as create applications and software for computers and phones. Vietnam is a country with a very strong development speed in information technology, so the training and retraining of human resources in the industry has become increasingly necessary. Currently, while other industries need human resources and high salaries, programmers are always considered the king of professions.

In particular, more and more information technology enterprises abroad come to Vietnam to do business. The high level of competition makes many companies and enterprises not afraid to pay very high salaries to recruit outstanding talent.

The highest paying industries in Vietnam, some industries earn 80-120 million VND/month and never stop being hot - Photo 1.


Average salary: 30-100 million VND/month

Health is always one of the most important factors. The more the economy develops, the better the living standard, the more important the demand for health care is. In that direction, the medical profession as well as the medical profession becomes hotter, so those who are passionate and study this industry will certainly have a lot more opportunities.

The highest paying industries in Vietnam, there are industries that earn 80-120 million VND/month and never stop being hot - Photo 2.

Because of the important nature as well as the specificity of this profession, the salary for doctors is currently very high, an average of about 30 million – 100 million VND. Although the income is quite good, everyone knows that this job has many high risks, requires a long and expensive study and research path.

Bank CEO

Average salary: 200-300 million VND/month

This is a position considered as the “headquarters” of a bank. The main task of the bank’s CEO is to outline profitable business strategies to help the bank develop stably and achieve many other goals. The bank CEO is currently in the following positions: Chief executive officer of the bank, chief executive officer or director at branches if it is a large bank. Of course, becoming a bank CEO is not an easy thing.

According to research, bank CEOs are earning very high salaries. Depending on the size of the bank, their average salary ranges from 250-600 million/month.


Average salary: 80 – 120 million VND/month

Piloting has always been one of the “hot” professions with an extremely attractive salary despite the pressure of the profession as well as the expensive costs to spend in the learning process. According to statistics, the average salary for current pilots is about 80-120 million/month.

If you are adventurous, can withstand pressure for a long time and have a sense of responsibility, this is a career you can consider to study and pursue.

The highest paying industries in Vietnam, there are industries that earn 80-120 million VND/month and never stop being hot - Photo 3.


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