The incident sparked controversy about visiting sick patients amid Covid-19

New ZealandA young woman visited relatives at Auckland City Hospital and was complained by a roommate for “inappropriate sex”.

The girl disappeared behind a hospital bed while visiting a patient being treated at Auckland City Hospital last week. Her unusual behavior immediately caught the attention of Kevin, a roommate.

“Everybody knows what’s going on there. They’re having sex,” Kevin said. “This is shocking and embarrassing.”

Kevin immediately informed the Auckland City Hospital medical staff and they quickly intervened. “Someone advised me ‘Don’t tell me’, but I am raising the risk of nCoV infection and in fact, I have complained about this matter to the hospital,” Kevin said.

Kevin, the patient reported having sex in his ward at Auckland City Hospital.  Screenshot: 1News

Kevin, the patient reported having sex in his ward at Auckland City Hospital. Screenshot of 1News’s video.

Kevin’s concerns reflect a controversial view of the policy of visiting relatives at hospitals in New Zealand, when the country is trying to control the number of new infections caused by the highly contagious Delta strain.

The New Zealand Nurses’ Union (NZNO) expressed concern and anger at the fact that hundreds of people are allowed to visit relatives in hospitals every day, especially three hospitals in the area run by the Auckland County Health Board (ADHB). monitor. NZNO believes that hospitals do not adequately monitor people visiting relatives, leading to the phenomenon of some people walking in carefree groups in and out of the hospital, even without wearing masks.

“We can’t let people accidentally bring nCoV into the hospital, threatening vulnerable patients,” said Kate Weston, NZNO’s chief nursing officer.

Weston added that visitors also put nurses at risk, and given the hospital’s understaffed situation, they may not be able to cope if staff are infected or come into contact with someone carrying the virus.

Ashley Bloomfield, director of New Zealand’s Ministry of Health, at a press conference on September 9 said the department is making an update to the policy on visiting relatives at hospitals, but did not specify specific changes.

In a statement on September 10, the Auckland County Health Council updated the new policy, halving the number of people visiting relatives at the hospital each day, limiting each patient to only one relative per day. for up to two hours.

However, NZNO believes it still puts staff, patients and the community at risk of infection. “We want this policy to be consistent with the policies of other board hospitals, which only allow visitors for humanitarian reasons and only when absolutely necessary during the Delta mutation outbreak. “, said David Wait, advisor to NZNO.

“It makes no sense that one of the busiest hospitals in an area under a level 4 blockade should continue to allow people in and out freely,” Wait added.

When asked about this “hospital sex” incident, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern expressed dissatisfaction. “Despite the current Covid-19 situation, such acts should not have taken place during visiting hours at the hospital,” she said at a press conference on September 9.

NZNO on September 12 decided to file a lawsuit against the Auckland County Health Council over the policy of visiting relatives at the hospital, after unsuccessful negotiations between the two sides.

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