The international press simultaneously reported on the passing of “Vietnamese forest man” Ho Van Lang: Foreign adventurer choked in grief.

On the morning of September 6, after more than a year of discovering and fighting with the evil liver cancer, “forest man” Ho Van Lang took his last breath, enjoying the age of 52. After learning about Mr. Lang’s passing, in recent days, a series of international newspapers (The Sun, New York Post, Daily News, TimeNowNews…) have mourned and published news. series of photographs that brought his name and story to the world.

The international press simultaneously reported on the departure of

“Forest Man” Ho Van Lang passed away on September 6

The video about Mr. Ho Van Lang’s life in the forest was shared by the New York Post (USA) in his article

On September 13, the newspaper The Sun The UK published an informational article about the death of the forest man “Ho Van Lang” of Vietnam with the following title: “King of the Forest – Ho Van Lang: The real-life Tarzan died after 8 years of integration with civilization “.

The site even compared the story of Mr. Lang and his father more than 40 years ago to “a Hollywood movie”: “The father and son’s story is no different from a Hollywood blockbuster. The father and son built a tree house, wore loincloths made from tree bark, and hunted rats for dinner. Neither Lang nor his father had any connection. with the outside world for 40 years. They picked the fruit, wild vegetables, gather honey and hunt some animals such as frogs, snakes, mice, lizards, fish… for food,” the newspaper wrote.

The international press simultaneously reported on the passing of

Foreign press simultaneously reported on the passing of Mr. Ho Van Lang

Alvaro Cerezo, a famous explorer and managing director of Docastaway – an organization specializing in the exploration of uninhabited lands and ancient festivals – said “he is deeply saddened by this loss. “. It is known that Mr. Cerezo used to go to the forest to live with Mr. Lang for a week to learn and record the most authentic life of the “king of the jungle”. Cerezo even wrote a book about the “forest people” of Vietnam.

“Lang is one of the nicest and most amazing people I’ve ever met. When we were together in the woods, there were things that took me hours to do, but he only needed a few minutes. He was no different. a child possessing the skills and powers of a superman.I will definitely not be able to forget the memory of Lang“, Mr. Cerezo shared.

The international press simultaneously reported on the passing of

An image of explorer Alvaro Cerezo while living with Ho Van Lang in the forest

This adventurer, I said, was very worried about Mr. Lang because he was afraid that he would find it difficult to adjust to normal life: “I was always afraid that he and his body wouldn’t be able to adapt to the drastic change. Lang spent most of his life in the jungle, eating wild food, but when he returned to the civilized world , he will eat prepared food and drink alcohol.”

It is known that since 2013, after being found by the authorities, Lang was moved out of the forest and started living with his younger brother Ho Van Tri. Every day, Mr. Lang goes to the fields to grow bananas for a living. Mr. Lang is very gentle, everyone laughs when he meets him. Smile is his way of communicating with people. Unlike everyone else in the village, Mr. Lang does not drink or smoke. He was just “addicted” to betel nut.

The international press simultaneously reported on the departure of

He is not addicted to alcohol or smoking but just likes to chew betel nut

Around the middle of 2020, Mr. Lang was constantly suffering from pain, Mr. Tri took his brother to the doctor. Doctors diagnosed Mr. Lang with terminal liver cancer. The family situation was too difficult, so Mr. Tri was forced to bring his brother home for treatment with medicinal herbs in the forest.

Nguồn: Twitter, The Sun, New York Post

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