The little girl’s paper with the words ‘I hate mom’ made many people startle and pity

The matter of addressing between parents and children seems to be not a big deal, so few people pay attention, but for children, every word from parents has a significant influence on their thoughts.

Even though children are young, they still have their own feelings, thoughts, and expressions of these little friends that sometimes make people feel heartbroken. A mother accidentally discovered her daughter’s scraps of paper with thoughtful content.

The little girl's paper with the words 'I hate her mother' made many people startle and pity - Photo 1.

The paper expresses the girl’s desire to be forgiven by her mother.

In the first sheet of paper are lines of words in a straight line accompanied by scribbles showing the child’s earnest desire for the forgiveness of his mother. For the second sheet of paper, there is a broken heart image with the words mother and child on one side, and below are bullet points listing the things the child “hates” about the mother.

“Mother never let me go by motorbike, I only let Rice go.”

“Or often address you and me.”

The little girl's paper with the words 'I hate her mother' made many people startle and regret - Photo 2.

The image of a broken heart with the caption mother and child and the words “I hate you” below makes the reader’s heart flutter.

According to the mother’s share, because her husband is often away from home, she only comes back a couple of times a year, so she takes care of the housework and taking care of her two children alone. Going to work in the morning, coming back at night, she has to be busy with her children and the house, the busy cycle makes her sometimes irritable, frustrated with her children and has words that do not think about the feelings of the child.

“Actually, I feel guilty, sometimes I don’t care about my children’s feelings. After becoming a mother, I see that sometimes I am an “evil role” in my children’s eyes. Many simple things like that he prefers his mother to take him to school by motorbike instead of his mother taking him by car every day. Then sometimes brusquely calling myself to you.

Simple things that turn out to be bad in the eyes of children. Being a mother is really hard. Maybe every mother will be hated by her child a few times like this?”the mother’s confession.

Of all the professions, it is not wrong to say that being a parent is one of the most difficult “jobs”. It’s just a training school, everyone has to learn and learn by themselves to become a good guide for their children. But not everyone who has just given birth can become a perfect father and mother.

The conflation of the mother and daughter in the above story is probably also a lesson for those who have been, are and are about to become parents. Words are fleeting, but for the small world of children, they carry a great weight, and children also have their own feelings and hurts that need to be taken care of.

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